You’re buying a printer? We help you to choose it

On all operating systems, the printing method is the same, but choose which is the best printer for our home or office depends on multiple criteria. In this article we will give you several tips for you to consider when buying a printer.

Fortunately, there are many options when buying a printer, and the specific purpose of this article is to help you in choosing the right printer for your needs.

How buy a printer

When to buy a laser printer and when buying a printer ink jet

The laser printers are best placed in the corporate environment, because they have the best cost / benefit per printed page, and besides that, supporting a large number of prints per minute. The latest models come with Wi-Fi and can be connected directly to a network. Color laser printers are gaining market share quickly, before largely dominated by black and white.

In the other hand, inkjet printer are recommended for residential or office when you need to print only a small amount of pages. It is much cheaper choose a multifunction printer, instead of buying for home or office a printer, scanner and copier by separate.

Over time, inkjet printers have improved print quality with regard to text and graphics, however, the cost of the cartridges is higher than the price of the printer many times, so which many users opt for the so-called “alternative cartridges”, cheaper than the originals.

I have a small office, what is the right printer for me?

In this point, the most suitable is a multifunction printer. Through this device, you have three devices in one: printer, scanner and a copier machine. In addition we will save a lot of electricity and floor space. You can set it to print in black and white, allowing us to extend the life of the color cartridges.

How buy a printer

An “alternative cartridge” harms the printer?

Everyone says the price of original ink cartridges are the great villain of the printers. But that does not mean that generic and cheaper cartridges, with more amount of ink, are the best alternative. While they may not damage the printer, the fact is that sometimes the performance is much lower and the final page cost is close to the original cartridge manufacturers.

How to understand the print speed?

Print speed is measured in ppm (pages per minute). When we see that a printer is capable of printing 36 ppm in black and 19 ppm color, we know if a printer is fast or not. The faster printers are those that use two cartridges at the same time, so achieve good ppm rates. It is also important to know the time it takes to print the first page, that is, the time it takes the printer to begin printing the first copy.

How to understand the resolution of a printer?

The resolution of a printer is measured in “Dpi” (dots per inch), i.e. dots per inch. The higher the dpi, the better the image quality. If a printer which claims 6000×1200 dpi resolution means you can print 6000 points horizontally, and 1200 vertically in a square inch.

Which it is a duty cycle of a printer?

It called “duty cycle” to the amount of monthly impressions you can deliver the equipment. This information is of vital importance, since through this data can know if you want the printer is large-sized or not. The higher the cycle of the printer, more impressions per day.

How buy a printer

What is the most appropriate printer for printing photos?

The Inkjet printers have an important advantage in this type of printing. Even in the cheapest models, we can print high quality photos. To achieve high quality is also necessary to take high-resolution photos

In this point, if we have an image of poor quality and low resolution, it is likely to look good on the screen of your computer or mobile device, but when printing on paper, never get a good quality. The higher the dpi, the better the print quality.

What are the connectivity options offered by printers?

The most common method today to connect the printer to the computer is through USB, since parallel ports has long ago stopped using, at least in the home environment and small office.

Other ways to connect a printer to the PC is via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, a method that is becoming very popular these days.

Who likes to photograph, look for a printer with input cards CF, MS, SD, xD, a resource is PictBridge, this port allows the printer to receive photos directly from a camera that also have that kind of connection.

How to know if the capacity of the paper tray will be adequate for my needs?

Everything depends on the daily volume and the type of printing you need. If you want to print envelopes or paper with high grammage, the tray will be compromised.

How buy a printer

Therefore, it is always important to check what is the capacity of the printer trays, both the tray to store the paper to be printed, such as tray receiving the printed paper. Printers with low capacity need to be provisioned more continuously.

I have problems installing drivers in Linux

The inability to install the drivers of some printer models in Linux distributions has been a headache for many people. Currently manufacturers provide drivers for almost all operating systems.

Not to take any chances, when you have chosen the printer, access the website with your favorite Internet browser and make sure the printer compatibility with Linux distributions, read comments from users and end up taking your decision.

How to calculate the cost per page of each model?

For this operation, it must divide the price of the cartridge by the number of pages it prints (information given by the manufacturer). This calculation is very important, since it will give us an idea of the cost of operating the printer, which will help us to calculate the cost when we have to deal with the replacement of the cartridges.

What kind of paper can I use?

The A4 paper is accepted in all printers. If you want to use other formats and weights, see if the printer model that you want support others sizes. Any unsupported paper can damage the printer.

How buy a printer

You know InkSaver?

Before you buy your printer, you can install on your PC a little program called Inksaver. It reduces the consumption of inkjet printers, prolonging the time of use of each cartridge, in addition to full control of how much ink that is used by the printer.

How buy a printer

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