What to do when your cell phone gets wet?

It sometimes happens that in everyday situations, cell phone gets wet. It may happen that a glass on the table to tip over and the liquid reaches the cell, to throw someone to the pool with the phone in your pocket, or one of the most common, toileting and the team finished in the toilet.

How to dry cell phone

What should be done so that the cell survives the liquids and moisture?

Once the cell is wet, it is not at all advisable to try to dry strongly shaking or giving back to remove the water inside, as the moisture remaining inside the phone can cause major damage yet. Let alone trying to turn on in the event that the phone is turned off.

Nor is it advisable to place it in a conventional or microwave oven to dry. Never!  Also keep in mind that the guarantee of equipment generally, one of the things that does not cover is the change of equipment accidents with liquids.

How to dry cell phone

How to dry a wet cell phone

But do not despair, the solution is to act quickly to try to recover the cell phone.

What to do:

  1. You must remove the battery immediately. In case of an iPhone should skip this step because the battery is not removable.
  2. If there is a removable SIM card, remove it also. Having no certainty that the machine will work, you should try to recover as much information as possible (the phone book is stored there).

How to dry cell phone

  1. Remove excess moisture, blowing and shaking gently the phone, or use a paper towel to absorb it. Cans with compressed air to clean keyboards are ideal for this type of situation. Never use the hair dryer, an oven or any other type of dryer with intense heat, it can melt and/or ruining the circuitry.
  2. When done, it should completely cover the phone in a bowl or a bag of uncooked rice and leave for several hours (12 to 24).

The rice will absorb any remaining moisture. You can also use small bags of silica gel, will fulfill the same function but are hard to get and as we said earlier, it is best to act fast.

How to dry cell phone

  1. When the cell is removed from rice bowl, should blow any rice powder that is left, and locate the battery and SIM into place. If the phone is not damaged, it should turn on as if nothing had happened.
  2. If no signs of life, you must do the following: Remove the battery and connect the charger. If the plug turns, what it is there to replace the battery, i.e., the phone goes and the only thing that must replace is the battery.

In cases where the phone has fallen into a toilet or latrine, many people first thing is cleaned with a disinfectant before starting to dry. In this case we must be cautious because with cleaning fluids, adhesives and other sensitive materials it is very easy to damage the phone permanently.

How to dry cell phone

The sooner you act, the more opportunities there to rescue a wet phone.