Solution to the problem to open Word documents, Excel and PowerPoint

As we know, the Microsoft Office suite is one of the most used business applications around the world, mainly due to its performance and features, plus it has a careful design and always at the forefront.

However, it may be that sometimes an error occurs, avoiding the normal development of our daily work. In this article we will learn to solve one of the most common errors of Office: The inability to open certain types of documents versions of Office 2010.

Office 2010 file open problem

In the event that this problem arises, and not be able to open documents of Excel 2010, Word 2010, or PowerPoint files 2010 attachments in Outlook, and instead from obtaining an error message, perhaps we can come to need the tips listed then.

It should be noted that when one or more of these errors occur, it is quite likely that Office 2010 has detected that the file are corrupted.

A more accurate list of errors that could happen is as follows:

Excel: “The file is corrupted and cannot be opened”

Word: “Word experienced an error trying to open the file”

PowerPoint: “PowerPoint found a problem with the file content. PowerPoint can attempt to repair the presentation”

Office 2010 file open problem

In such cases, we can try to do the following:

Step 1: We drove to the Windows search box enter the following text: “Administrative Tools”.

Step 2: Next, press and expand on “Component Services” and expand the Console Root tree to find “Computers> My Computer”.

Step 3: We click with the right mouse button on “My Computer” and select “Properties” option.

Office 2010 file open problem

Step 4: Select the “Default Properties” and set the following values ​​tab:

  • Default authentication level “Connect”
  • Default impersonation level: “Identify”

The origin of the problem is security settings, which may have changed for some reason and does not allow the creation of the structure of temporary files needed.

Office 2010 file open problem

When we apply the above procedure, which actually are doing it is to set the configuration of security components to the factory settings.

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