How to recover the boot sector of Windows 7

One of the most common problems in people who wanted to try at some point a Linux distribution for any reason have decided to do without it, is the inability to start up the system again.

This is because Linux installations use a boot load system that allows distributions to be torn off. It is also used to optimize tasks selection of operating systems, and when we delete the Linux partition, obviously also delete this OS loader and the ability to run Windows.

Recover boot sector Windows

How to recover the boot sector of Windows

These boot loaders can be GRUB or LILO, depending on the installed and with some viruses that are intended to damage the boot sector of our distribution system, most reported causes of error in the boot sector.

To overcome this terrible damage, we will use the simple instructions in this guide that will tell us step by step the actions to follow.

Step 1. Restart the PC with the installation DVD of Windows 7 in the tray.

Recover boot sector Windows

Step 2. Select the language and click on “Install”.

Step 3. In the welcome screen that appears should select the “Repair” option and then select “Command Prompt”.

Step 4. Once started the shell (black screen), we must write the following commands, one by one by pressing the Enter key each time we finish.

bootrec / fixmbr

bootrec / fixboot

bootrec / rebuildbcd

Explanation of commands entered

Bootrec is the tool used to repair the relevant system boot sector.

Recover boot sector Windows

The “fixmbr” command rebuilds the MBR (Master Boot Record) or master boot sector to use the boot manager of Windows 7.

Recover boot sector Windows

The second command or “fixboot” provides the information needed to locate the boot of Windows 7.

The third and final command, “rebuildbcd” is used to completely rebuild the BCD information and is commonly used to recover damaged partitions Windows 7.

Recover boot sector Windows

Step 5. Wait for the system to finish completing their tasks and then reboot the PC. From this moment we can reuse our beloved Windows 7.

Note that if the problem in the boot sector has not generated by dual boot system with Linux, you may have been raised by some malware, so it is a good idea to analyze the whole system with a good antivirus updated.

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