How to schedule Gmail to send email in another time

As we all know, Gmail is the email service most used and best features of all, including Hotmail and Yahoo, others webmails also well known. But many times users have complained about the lack of a specific function that allows them to send an email in a particular time of day.

At this point the only thing they could do is send it send the mail manually or save it for send it later. Fortunately, an online service gives us the posibility to create the message and submit it at the time and on the day we really want the mail is received.

Schedule Gmail mail

This web service is called “Right Inbox”, a new online service that will help us to schedule sending emails from your Gmail account, and despite the excellent service provided, the tool is completely free.

Through Right Inbox, we can set as how send our emails in any future date, with all the benefits that entails, also including reminders and appointments.

The system operates in an extremely simple manner, all we have to do is specify the date and time for sending our mail and will be sent at the exact moment they were programmed.

But to connect to your Gmail account, we will need to download a small extension available for Firefox, Safari and Chrome. It is available on this link. Note that the system determines the type of discharge depending on the browser you are currently using.

Schedule Gmail mail

Once you’ve installed the extension, we opened our Gmail account and at the right end of the Inbox will find a message that warns us that is already operating this new feature. At this point we should click on the “Continue” button.

We must also grant to “Right Box” the necessary access permissions to our account from Google, what we can do with the button “Grant Access”.

Immediately Gmail page is reloaded. From that moment, when we draft a new mail, will be available at the top of the page, the corresponding buttons to send mail on the spot or schedule date and time we want.

Schedule Gmail mail

If we wish to schedule sending an email for later, once draw up the message, we must click on the “Send Later” button, to execute a menu in which we find different options, both to send the e-mail later, as well as to program it in days. If we want to schedule an email to be sent on a specific date, click on the “At a specific time” option.

By choosing this option, a dialog box appears, in which you can select a date and exact time to automatically send the mail. When we have already selected the time to send the mail, you must click on the “Schedule” button and you’re all set.

Schedule Gmail mail

It is important to note that emails that have been programmed can be eliminated, since they are stored in the Drafts folder so you can always retrace our steps, both to clear the mail or to alter the date and time sent.

If you wish, you can download “Right Inbox” by clicking on this link.