How to repair a damaged hard drive?

There is no doubt that most of the faults that have our computer, its origins lie in the hard drive of the same, as it is one of the most sensitive elements of the PC, while perhaps the most important because if the disk would not be able to store any kind of information or document.

Fortunately, the operating system is responsible for giving us a warning when that happens, or at least a clue where to start repair. This article looks at some of the most likely causes for a computer failure because of his HDD, and also, as icing on the cake, how to fix them.

How to repair hard disk


One of the most common symptoms that your hard disk is damaged is the lack or corruption of system boot files, located in the System32 folder. To solve this problem, we must boot the PC with the Windows CD or pendrive placed in the DVD drive or USB port. When we see the first screen display options, will press the “R” key to start to repair the damage.

A second screen of options in which we must press the “C” key, allowing us to enter the Windows repair console is then displayed. Once there we will enter the damaged disk, probably disk 1 by default, and the system will enter directly into “C:\”, which meaning that the disc has no file system.

How to repair hard disk

Here we must enter the administrator password that we will be required, or press the “Enter” key if no password in order to enter “C:\windows\”, where we write “FIXBOOT” and then press “Enter”. Immediately we will restart our PC and we can access into Windows.

Boot Failure

As for this error, it may be caused by a bad connection of the cables from the hard drive to the motherboard, so we check the IDE/SATA ports, and see if the system can recognize the drives automatically, using the Setup utility.

If the error persists, then it is possible that it is a major problem caused by the fatal damage of the file system, ie lacking NTLDR.

How to repair hard disk

To solve this problem you must use software tools developed for such purposes, such software like HD Tune and HDD Regenerator.

The first thing we must do, is use the HD Tune program, booting the PC with a live CD of the application, which will allow us to scan the hard disk in search for the causes of the problem.

After that, it is convenient to use the HDD Regenerator tool, in the same way as the previous software, our computer will have to start from a live CD of the program.

How to repair hard disk

The HDD Regenerator not only find problems, but also perform a scan and recovery of faults that produce these errors on your hard disk.

After this operation, it should make another evaluation with HD Tune program, in order to verify that all the faults have been repaired, and that your hard drive can again function normally. In the event that errors are still occur, then it is convenient to reinstall Windows operating system, to perform a complete cleaning of the software.

How to repair hard disk

However, before making any repair software from our PC, you should perform a complete check of the structural conditions and connections of the hard drive, ie if it is properly connected to the motherboard and it is physically healthy.

We must also assess whether the cables and IDE / SATA ports are in good condition, as well as if the jumper settings is adequate, because if it is wrong, we cannot make the hard disk to function normally.