How to remove a watermark from a picture

When working with images, it is common to find certain photographs showing a text or logo transparent image above. This type of resources is called watermarks. A watermark basically consists of incorporating an image or photograph of a logo or text which serves the purpose of informing about any restrictive condition or identity of this particular image.

These watermarks are generally transparent and can become a nightmare trying to eliminate them, even in the case of graphics professionals. Precisely in this article we will share the procedure performed by graphics professionals when they need to remove a watermark.

How to remove watermark

While the difficulty or ease to remove a watermark of an image depends on its content, position, color and size, the fact is that thanks to the new automated techniques developed in recent times, remove a watermark has become a relatively simple task of doing. However, in some cases, these tools are not miraculous, and it will always be necessary to have the experience of a professional graphic designer.

Throughout this article we will see how to remove a watermark from a picture with two of the most important professional market tools such as Adobe Photoshop and The Gimp.

Deleting a watermark with Photoshop

To perform this task unfortunately we must have the latest version of Photoshop CS5, as this is the version of the popular image editor that incorporates a tool called Content-Aware Fill, allowing us to easily erase any brand water as if we were professionals.

How to remove watermark

Step 1: We open our image in Photoshop CS5, and select the “Spot Healing Brush tool” from the toolbar.

Step 2: Fill select the option “Content-Aware” of the toolbar at the top.

How to remove watermark

Step 3: We modify to our liking brush size, always bearing in mind that the smallest will offer better results and begin to paint over the watermark.

Step 4: Once finished, we release the brush and the mark should be gone.

Please note that for larger areas have to use the “Lasso” tool. Select the watermark you want to remove, we make sure that the option “Content-Aware” be selected, press the “D” key and then click on “Ok”.

How to remove watermark

Deleting a watermark with GIMP

The free editing software GIMP also provides a simple method for removing watermarks. Nevertheless, to use it we must added to the program using a plug-in.

Step 1: In principle, we must download the plugin from this link.

Step 2: Once downloaded, unzip the file and paste it in this location: C: Program Files\GIMP-2.0\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins and restart the application.

Step 3: Open the image in GIMP and use the “Lasso” tool to select the watermark. Significantly, it is always better to work with small fragments of it.

How to remove watermark

Step 4: Then click on “Filters> Enhance (Enhance)> Heal selection”.

Step 5: Then specify the value selection. The default value of 50 should be enough. In the event that does not produce the results we expect, we must test other numbers to get what we want.

How to remove watermark

Once you apply the filter, the watermark should disappear.

As you know all those fans and design professionals, there is a heated discussion among users of Photoshop and Gimp.

What do you think? The proprietary development of Photoshop or Gimp freedom?