How to open Excel documents in separate windows?

This is one of the questions most frequently raised all those who use Microsoft Excel often: That Excel 2007 can open multiple documents, each in its own window. Here’s the answer.

In a strange way, Word and Excel It does not have the same behavior by default. In Word 2007, documents open each in its own window. This is particularly useful when working on dual screens, and you can have a document (and a version of Word) on each screen.

Open Excel docs in separate Windows

However, in the case of Excel 2007, it happens differently. Systematically, the software opens all tables in the same instance. To display two screens at two different tables must surrender to a true hand gymnastics, very impractical.

This problem is more important for users of Windows 7 with the “AeroSnap” function activated. As we know, this feature lets you drag a window to any edge of the screen causing it to enlarge, without resorting to the button “Maximize”.

With Word, combining only two keys, we can see two windows side by side. But in Excel does not work, since for Windows there is only one window for the program.

Open Excel docs in separate Windows

From this point, the instructions to make Excel 2007 behaves in the same way that Word 2007 in the document and windows management. The process comprises in modify the contents of one key with the help of two very similar sequences of actions on the basis of records:

Step 1. Press the key combination “Windows +R”: A dialog opens with the function RUN

Step 2. Type “regedit”, who is the editor of Windows System Registry, and click “OK”

Step 1. Navigate to Registry Editor (Start > Search: regedit > Enter)

Step 2. Then, expand the key “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Excel.Sheet.12\shell\Open

Open Excel docs in separate Windows

Step 3. In the Command node, open the Default key.

Step 4. Change the value to: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\EXCEL.EXE /e “%1”

Step 5. Rename the Command Key to CommandOld

Step 6. Rename the ddeexec Node to ddeexecOld

Open Excel docs in separate Windows

Step 7. Close the registry editor (click the X button).

Step 8. Done.

Note that this procedure is not supported by Microsoft, so we must implement it at our peril. That is why it is best to make a restore point in the system in the event that something goes wrong.

Moreover, the procedure also works on newer versions of Windows and Office such as Windows 10 and Office 2013.

From this point, when you double-click on XSLX or XLS files on the desktop or Windows Explorer, they will open in different windows. Try it!