How to install Windows 7 without installation disk

Anyone who has purchased a desktop PC or laptop with Windows has found that it does not include any disk or media with the operating system to re-install in case of problems. Instead offer a kind of system Recovery usually housed in a special partition of the computer.

This article looks at how to get a completely legal disk Windows 7 and with it create our own installation disk. The aforementioned recovery systems included with new computers, to which we must turn in case of problems with the operating system, basically it allows to return to the factory settings, but unfortunately also include dozens of totally useless applications, besides the installer of Windows. Indeed, most of the time is pure crapware.

Install Windows without disk

If you have any problems with the PC, reformat and reinstall is a tiring work, especially when we also need to uninstall each of these useless applications to make things work as we want. It really is a difficult task and a big waste of time, so the best we can do is try a clean install.

But how obtain a copy of Windows without falling into illegality?

Simple. Following the steps outlined in this article and having a valid product key, besides of the legal copy of Windows we will get through these instructions, we can do it easily and without any problems.

Before we begin, we must know that the procedure described in this tutorial, along with legal, it is really effective, and serves both to record Windows on an optical disk or a flash drive or memory card.

Install Windows without disk

One of the first things we must take into consideration it is that you should not delete the partition where the backup software is hosted, since here is hosted all the necessary software to re-install the PC, including drivers, operating system and other programs . This is because the operation may fail because of problems with activation, and we need to have a safe way to reuse the PC.

Also we store all our files and settings to a DVD or external drive, since a new installation of Windows will erase all your personal data.

Download and install Windows 7 Legal

  1. The first thing you have to do is place the Legal Product Key of Windows 7, an alphanumeric string of 25 characters which they are usually printed in the manuals accompanying the computer.

In the case of not finding this number, we can make use of a software you can reveal this number. One of the best for this task is Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder, which can be downloaded from this link, and we can also be helpful to get the product key for Office 2010, plus another 300 programs.

Install Windows without disk

  1. From this point, you can download the version of Windows 7 that need.

64-bit versions

Home Premium SP1 64-Bits
Professional Service Pack 1 64-Bits
Ultimate SP1 64-Bits

32-bit versions

Home Premium SP1 Versión 32-Bits
Professional Service Pack 1 Versión 32-Bits
Ultimate SP1 Versión 32-Bits

These links are provided by a company called Digital River, a business partner of Microsoft, and therefore are completely legal, but to make use of them and install them genuinely, we must have the aforementioned product key.

  1. We download Windows 7 USB / DVD Download Tool, which is a tool that will allow us to copy these ISO images of Windows 7 directly to a DVD or USB flash drive.

Install Windows without disk

  1. Once you have finished to copy Windows into DVD or flash drive, start the computer with these devices, and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you have completed the procedure, we would like to know how you got on. You can do this through with the tools intended for this purpose at the end of the article.