How to enable or disable USB ports in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

How many times has happened to us that when trying to copy a document or file from a PC in an Internet cafe or office, the USB ports on the computer are blocked? This happens because the system manager has blocked the use of this USB by disabling the detection of these ports.

Fortunately, the solution to this problem is simple, and if we keep to the instructions in this guide we will succeed quickly and easily.

Enable USB ports in Windows

Usually the system administrators, as they like to be called, used three different methods to prevent users from using USB ports for connecting devices. These are:

  • Alter the registry values ​​of the system for mass storage devices
  • Disabling the USB port from the Device Manager
  • Uninstalling USB mass storage devices drivers

Then the solution for each of these methods:

In the event that the registry values ​​of the system for mass storage devices have been altered:

If the system manager is a professional, probably has used a procedure that ensures permanently disable ports.

Enable USB ports in Windows

This disable has been carried out through Regedit, the Windows System Registry tool.

  1. To fix this, we move to the Start menu, then write Regedit and press Enter.
  2. When the Editor is run, go to the following key:


  1. We move to the right pane, select “Start” and change the value to 3. Consider that 4 is the value that will disable ports.

Enable USB ports in Windows

  1. We click on “OK”. This will re-enable the USB ports and allow us to reuse devices.

In the event that the USB ports have been disabled from the Device Manager:

In the event that we cannot yet use the ports then it is time to observe what happens in the Device Manager.

We observe if the icons of different types of devices have turned off, and if so, click on the disabled devices with the right mouse button pressed on the “Enable” option.

Enable USB ports in Windows

In case you have uninstalled the drivers for the USB mass storage devices:

If drivers for USB mass storage devices were uninstalled, install the drivers again it is a simple way to solve the problem. If this is the problem, then.

  1. Insert the device into the USB port.
  2. Wait for the system to recognize the device and install the appropriate drivers.

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