Best Office applications for Android

One of the great advantages that users experience when using portable devices with Android resides in access that has many applications, many of them free, covering each individual needs. This also happens in the field of work, as there is currently a huge variety of applications for Android designed to increase productivity and to carry on our office there where we go.

Undoubtedly Google Play is full of tools developed to improve our productivity, especially those for office tasks, and one of the biggest advantages is that it is mostly free applications, as we can see if we continue reading this article.

Best office apps Android

Therefore, for those who have decided to start using your Android smartphone or tablet to perform tasks concerning the daily work, here we present some of the most notable office apps, with which we can surely become more productive and save much of our precious time.

Docs To Go

Today it has become one of the tools more used by Android users because it provides an important set of functionalities, while it is a lightweight application that does not consume too many resources.

This is ideal for those who need a software that allows them to view the contents of files created with any of the programs Microsoft Office Suite application. Notably does not capable to create or edit documents, only serves to display them.

Best office apps Android

On the other hand, it has an excellent performance for viewing PDF files and Google Docs, and one of its greatest advantages is that its design and graphical interface have been developed based on remain tightly integrated with the native look and feel of Android.

Now if we want to edit the documents, we can choose to pay a few dollars out the full version of the program. Otherwise, we always have a free version, which can also serve to evaluate the product. You can download the free version of Documents To Go from this link.


Developed by Mobile Systems, OfficeSuite has a variety of features and functionalities to mobile office work tasks. Among the great advantages of the software stands out the powerful zoom into documents, the possibility offered to compress and decompress files directly from your manager, and the excellent use of the screen of the device, since the user interface has been developed to optimize this aspect.

Some of the main features that gives us OfficeSuite Pro, includes the possibility of create, edit and view documents in various formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, it provides the ability to view PDF.

Best office apps Android

In addition, the application also includes a file browser and integrates seamlessly with Google Docs, two features that are essential in managing local and remote files.

Of course, the application has some disadvantages, among which we mention the lack of a spell checker, that has no ability to sync with Dropbox from within the application, and in many cases we can come to notice certain deficiencies in the image processing and graphics embedded in spreadsheets of Excel documents.

If we want this app, is necessary to mention that there are two versions: one paid and one free. If we want to have all the features, we only pay a few bucks and download the full version, which you can download by clicking on this link.

In the case we want only to evaluate it, you can download the trial version, we can do by clicking on this link.

Polaris Office

It is a tool that allows us to access and edit documents while we are out of the office, so usually one of the first Office suite of choice for users of the Google operating system, Android.

Through this application, you can view and edit all kinds of office files, including doc files, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and of course view and read PDF.

With this tool, you can basically use the Android device to perform tasks that usually done with the desktop PC, normally and smoothly. This makes it an excellent alternative to Android tablets, but of course also be used in smartphones.

Best office apps Android

On the other hand, it has full integration with various online storage services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, uCloud and also WebDAV. It also allows the camera to take pictures with smartphone or tablet, then be incorporated into the presentation or editing the document we find us at that moment.

One of its biggest advantages is undoubtedly the great support it has with Office, with support doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls and xlsx files.

In this case, the application is free and can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

WPS Office

While it is a tool somewhat unknown so far, the fact is that it may be considered as a complete office suite for Android devices. Among its features, it is important to mention that lets you create, edit and view documents from the Microsoft Office suite from doc files, through spreadsheets, and even PowerPoint presentations. It also allows viewing PDF easily and conveniently from the small screen of a smartphone.

At the beginning of its development, one of the disadvantages of this app is that offered no support for Google Docs, which surely plays against his popularity. However, these problems were solved, and it is now possible to edit and view files from services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote and OneDrive.

Best office apps Android

On the other hand, while responding effectively to open and edit doc, docx, ppt and pptx files, shows some deficiencies with most files Excel, in which usually has problems when rendering cells and tables, plus not being able to display the embedded graphics such documents.

The truth is that the best of this application is that it is distributed completely free, which can make it become the ideal for users who require an application to display Word files and PowerPoint presentations tool. If you are interested in trying it, you can download it free from this link.

Microsoft Office

Although it seems contradictory, two companies as Microsoft and Google, can coexist in the same space without problems. The best example is Microsoft Office for Android. The Office suite, emblem of the house of Redmond, is available on the Android platform for some time as separate applications, which must download and install separately.

In this sense we can count, provided that our device has a superior version of Android 4.4, with Word, Excel, OneNote and other apps that make up the suite on our phone or tablet, something that surely million users will appreciate.

Best office apps Android

To download and install Microsoft Office, all you have to do is look for them in Google Play.

Other office apps

In addition to the applications mentioned in this article, there are other interesting alternatives, such as ThinkFree Office Mobile or Smart Office 2, both paid, and free as Olive Office Premium and of course Google Docs, one of the big stars Android world. In short, everything depends on the needs of each.

If you wish, tell us what tools you usually use on your Android device to improve your productivity.

Do you often use your smartphone or your tablet as an indispensable tool of daily work?