AdwCleaner: Delete adware has never been easier

The Adware is a threat to which we are exposed every time we open the browser to surf the Internet, download files or install a program. While adware currently does not have the presence that used to have years ago thanks to advances in technology and the software anti malwares, the fact is that we can still be affected, and that is why we need a tool with which to be protected. This article looks at one of the most effective anti-malware applications, and is also free.

In the market there are a lot of software that will help us stay calm at this scourge, but we must be very careful when choosing the right tool, because if we choose wrongly, can get the opposite result than we expected, because if we choose wrong, the chosen software itself may be infected with adware.

Remove adware with ADWcleaner

This happens because developers of these applications tend to finance their projects using methods that even border on the illegal. Obviously we are not talking about everyone. Much free software, like as AdwCleaner, have been developed to provide a clean and safe protection, no hassle and no software installation or hidden toolbars.

Knowing AdwCleaner

Remove adware with ADWcleaner

AdwCleaner is a program which is a couple of steps ahead of the others thanks a number of features that make it an ideal tools to remove annoying adware. Compatible with the latest versions of Windows starting with XP, free and very simple to use, is also portable, which means that we should not install it on the disk of our PC.

When we talk about ease of use, AdwCleaner is the best, as to use the program will only have two buttons that are used in series, i.e. one after another. They are:

  • Scan
  • Cleaning

The “Scan” button is responsible for starting the sequence, looking in our system any symptoms of infection. Once this button has completed its work, we will receive a report in Notepad notifying us of any suspicious items.

Remove adware with ADWcleaner

In the case of receiving bad news and that our computer is infected with malware, we press the “Cleaning” button, which will begin the process of eliminating these threats.

Note that AdwCleaner requires that all applications you have in use must be closed, so it is necessary that we save all our work to avoid complications.

A very useful feature offered by the program is the ability to decide which items to remove, something interesting in the event that any of these applications is useful to us, something rare indeed, but it can happen. To access it, just we have to click on the link “?” located in the menu bar of the program.

Once you have completed the task, it is best to restart the computer for the changes to take effect. It is also a good idea to perform a second search, to check that everything has been removed according to our requirements.

Remove adware with ADWcleaner


When we are completely sure that the threat has disappeared, we can press the “Uninstall” button and the program is removed from our team.

AdwCleaner is certainly one of the best adware removal tools that can be found today, and certainly has nothing to envy to other solutions recognized names.

If you wish, you can download completely free AdwCleaner in by clicking on this link.