What is antivirus?

The antivirus software is a program that helps protect your computer against most viruses, worms, trojans and other unwanted invaders that can infect your computer.

Among the major damage that can cause these programs are: loss of microprocessor performance, file deletion, data corruption, exposed confidential information to unauthorized persons and even uninstalling operating system, among other serious problems

What is a Virus

Normally, the antivirus software monitors virus activity in real time and performs periodic checks, or also according to the user’s request, seeking to detect and then terminate or remove computer viruses.

Current antivirus have specific vaccines to tens of thousands of known virtual pests, and offer the ability to detect any abnormality before it becomes a problem. To do this, you use the aforementioned “Monitor”, which allows detect and remove viruses, worms and trojans before they infect your system.

These programs identify the virus thanks to their “signatures”, code patterns that are identifiable by antivirus software. They can also identify viruses due to unexpected behavior or unauthorized access to the system or your documents.

What is a Virus

It is very important to remember the antivirus should be updated regularly, since every day new viruses are discovered, and the products can quickly become obsolete. Some antivirus software can be configured to update automatically. In this case, we recommend that this option is enabled.

Antivirus. Advantages and types

The antivirus software is one of the basic points of a personal security system, alongside firewalls and spyware detectors. As with other categories of software, it is possible to find good free antivirus, and good paid antivirus. Typically, this products monitors virus activity in real time and performs a regular check, or according to user needs.

Besides having one of those programs, you may want to use an online antivirus, which it is not necessary to install on the PC. It is useful in the case of already having suffered an infection, because some viruses and malicious programs prevent the proper functioning of the antivirus and continue to act after a complete check of the system.

What is a Virus

The online antivirus can also be useful when you need to use unknown or suspect systems, such as computers in Internet cafes. Another advantage of online antivirus is that they are always up to date, because they are hosted on the servers of the companies that maintain them.

Most effective antivirus

Over the years, many antivirus programs have appeared on the market, some effective, others less so. In this sense, one of the most popular antivirus software is AVG Antivirus, with nearly 100 million users worldwide, and the famous NOD32, another classic.

AVG Antivirus

What is a Virus

It is also necessary to highlight the qualities of Avast! Antivirus, perhaps one of the most effective on the market.

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Avast! Antivirus

What is a Virus

This is just a small list, and it is the user who must ultimately evaluate the effectiveness of its antivirus software with his own experience.

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