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Tips for buying a color laser printer

The laser printers are currently the main choice of many offices and companies around the world, primarily due to their advantages, which include the print speed, quality and durability of its components. According to recent research, the sales of monochrome and color laser printers is increasing year by year.

Although more expensive than others alternatives such as inkjet printers, more and more offices are adopting color laser printers because they manage to do the job in the most efficient office and with better performance, besides having much higher quality.

Tips buy laser color printer

No matter if we have a graphic design company or a buffet of lawyers, the laser color printer will help us achieve a presentation of our products and highly professional services.

In the case we have a business that requires frequent color printing, no doubt that we seriously consider buying a color laser printer.

If you have the budget and need one of these devices, then in this article we have at our disposal a number of important tips that will help us understand the fundamental aspects to consider when buying a laser printer for our SME or office.


Normally the laser printer resolution is measured in terms of DPI (dots per inch). The larger of the number of DPI, the sharper the image. We must select a resolution of 300 in the case that we will use color laser printer for printing text. If our printing needs go beyond simple texts, then we must consider purchasing a printer that offers at least 600 resolution.

Printing speed

When we listen to experts talk about the printing speed of a laser printer, we must consider that they are talking about two very important concepts. These are the so-called speed PPM (pages per minute) and the time that the printer uses to print the first page.

For example, we have the need to print 200 pages, a laser printer 8 PPM would take about 30 minutes to print the number of sheets. The same number of pages can be printed in just five minutes in the case of using a laser printer 35 ppm.

Tips buy laser color printer

However, we must consider the speed PPM is closely related to high-volume printing, and if we do not need that capacity, it is important to think about buying a printer PPM lower speed, with consequent money saving associated.

LAN and Wi-Fi Connectivity

This is a very important resource, especially for offices and companies who want to share the printer among multiple jobs.


At this point, we must pay attention to the capacity of RAM, since the final performance of the printer depends of this. We will also have to know if this can be expanded. Obviously with a larger amount of RAM, the better the performance of the printer.

Print Paper Size

What size paper generally used for printing? This question is one of the most important we must ask, and the answer will probably depend on the nature of our work. While most color laser printers use A4 paper, some firms may require printers to print a larger size, such as Legal.

Tips buy laser color printer

Work cycle

Laser printers are classified by the ability to print certain number of pages per month. This is called a cycle. Choose the printer that achieves meet your monthly print.


Usually a color laser printer more expensive will offer lower cost of printing. This is closely related with the final cost of supplies, then we assess whether the value of replacement toner cartridges is not prohibitive for the budget of our company.

Tips buy laser color printer

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