Best Android apps for business and office

No doubt that smartphones and tablets are becoming an indispensable ally of our daily work, because these devices give us the ability to manage remotely different and varied tasks concerning our company. Here we tell you what are the main and most effective tools that can be exploited through the Android system.

Through the years and changes in business practices, smartphones and tablets they have been gradually becoming the most used by employees and business owners devices. While initially iPhone, iPad and Blackberry were the darlings of the industry, now the picture has changed a lot. Tablets and smartphones with OS from Google rank first in the preferences of users of all kinds.

Best Android apps for bussines

The amount of free business applications, designed to improve the productivity of employees and managers of companies that exist in Google Play is really impressive. It’s just matter of downloading one of them, test it, and if we are not persuaded, download another.

Today entrepreneurs can leverage the power and efficiency that give them the Android apps, enabling remote management via smartphone or tablet, in addition to the advantages of portability, produce a significant cost reduction processes, and significantly facilitates the management methods of our business.

So if you’re mulling manage your business from your Android smartphone, here’s a list with the most interesting applications for it, and best of all it is completely free tools.

Documents To Go

This is an interesting tool that allows us to visualize Word documents, Excel and PowerPoint type. It supports files Doc, Docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt and .pptx type, as well as allowing view PDF files. It also includes functionality to edit these files through our Google Docs account directly in the application. Two versions, one free and a more complete payment are available.

Best Android apps for bussines

If you are interested you can download it at this link.

Simple Text Editor

Here we find a completely free tool, which basically is a text editor for Android that allows us to synchronize all our notes. One of its main features is its ease of use.

Best Android apps for bussines

You can download the application from this link.


This is famous application for managing files in the cloud, which allows us to access and transfer files from any computer or mobile device on which Dropbox is used, with availability of 2GB of free cloud storage.

Best Android apps for bussines

You can download Dropbox to your Android smartphone or tablet with this link.

Astro File Manage

An interesting application that allows us to manage all files and applications we use on our portable device with Android. We can also use the tool to manage tasks and perform backups.

Best Android apps for bussines

You can find and download the application at this link.


An excellent application that allows us to improve our productivity, as it not only gives us the possibility of using it as a notepad for text, but also capture images, and take notes through voice dictation. Ideal to create to-do lists and reminders.

Best Android apps for bussines

The tool is available for free at this link.

Remember The Milk

Ideal for managing tasks, since allowing us to work with alerts via e-mail, instant messaging and SMS platform. Among its features, is included the fantastic possibility that the application send an alert us when we are geographically close to a place where you must perform a task. It integrates seamlessly with Gmail, Google Calendar and Twitter, among others.

Best Android apps for bussines

You can download it free here.

gReader | Feedly | News | RSS

Since Google Reader is closed, users were looking for a replacement. Here it is. Ideal for news that interest us as well as to learn instantly the updates of our favorite websites and blogs. It allows syncs with the web version.

Best Android apps for bussines

Find and download gReader at this link.

QuickBooks Accounting+Invoice

An application that allows us to use our smartphone to pay tickets for exhibitions, fairs and conferences. Allows use of touchscreen during operations, it provides the ability to send receipts to customers at the point of sale.

It syncs seamlessly with QuickBooks and includes the card reader. There are different versions, among which includes a free basic version, which you can find at this link.

Best Android apps for bussines

Barcode Scanner

A scanner that allows the reading of UPC codes and QR codes. It also gives us the ability to share contacts, applications and bookmarks via QR codes.

Best Android apps for bussines

You can download the application here.

Expense Manager

It is an application that allows us to quickly and easily manage all our expenses and income. It also gives us the ability to schedule payments to be made.

Best Android apps for bussines

It can be downloaded for free from this link.


An excellent application whose primary function is to work as a calculator, but also includes features such as currency conversion and units.

Best Android apps for bussines

Available free at this link.


One of the best tools for communication, ideal for making international calls with a really low cost. Also send free text messages, voice messages and read transcripts.

Best Android apps for bussines

If you are interested, you can download it here.


Chat application that use multi protocol instant messaging, including Google Talk, Twitter DMs, Yahoo!, AIM/iChat, ICQ, Jabber (and Slack through Jabber), and many others. Moreover the MI+ account remains stored history of communications through instant messaging, in order to allow access to the program and to our account from any computer.

Best Android apps for bussines

You can download the application at this link.


Another fantastic app that allows us to make free calls, both audio and video, using 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi technologies. It includes the ability to automatically check what contacts are available at the moment. Also it allows us to initiate a call in audio mode and while we’re talking switch to video call.

Best Android apps for bussines

You can download from this link Tango.

K-9 Mail

Basically it is an open source email client app, used to replace the mail client that includes Android default. K-9 Mail allows us to work with large volumes of emails and has support for the main standard, such as IMAP and POP3 protocols.

Best Android apps for bussines

The application is free and can be downloaded from here.


A fundamental aspect to use our smartphone or our tablet Android to perform tasks concerning the company is without doubt the safety issue, discussed in this article.

We hope that this review of the most interesting applications of Android for the company you have been helpful. Now we want to share your thoughts with us about it.

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