usb malfunction

Solution to the most common problems in USB ports

As we all know, the USB ports are now one of the most used connectors in computers by all users, since allowing the connection of various external devices to the PC, simply and without complications, in order to send and receive data between both devices.

However, this USB ports tend to begin to fail after a few years of use, which they are generally easy to prepare, as we can see in this article.

Problems USB ports repair

At first

It is essential that the USB ports are perfectly connected to the motherboard, for which we must consult the motherboard manual to make connections properly.

We should note that an erroneous connection of USB connector will cause major faults, which result in a malfunction or a permanent damage to the port and devices that wish to connect PC through the USB.

Cables 5v and Gr

It is vital that the 5v and Gr cables are connected in the proper place, because otherwise we would be sending 5 volts to the circuit to be used for sending and receiving data. This will cause permanent break in any of the components of our computer.

This failure causes irreparable burns to the USB port and the USB circuitry on the motherboard, also can happen when connecting to USB devices whose connector is in bad condition or in short circuit.

Problems USB ports repair

Unfortunately, this is one of the most serious failures that may suffer the USB ports, and involves direct way to our motherboard, and when it happens, it is almost impossible to repair the damage. All we can do is replace the motherboard.

However, our computer may be working with a problem of this nature without us noticing, because it can get to report that the USB port is working normally, but when you connect a device, the operating system does not recognize it.

To achieve really know if the USB ports are working normally, we must be attentive to a number of factors when connecting.

In the event that the fault comes from to power supply

One of the most common symptoms of this types of failures is that when connecting devices through the USB port, our computer does not perform any task, i.e. the OS not report that has mounted a device via USB. This happens with devices that require power through the USB connection.

Problems USB ports repair

In the case of a bad connection of the USB ports on the motherboard

No need for a drastic change in the motherboard of our computer, but we can opt for a simpler and cheaper alternative.

We can include in our PC a PCI-USB controller card to replace damaged motherboard USB ports, and connect there too, if the board allows, the front ports of the cabinet, face the possibility that they have also burnt due to bad connections.

Problems USB ports repair

In the case of a hasty disconnect USB devices

We must avoid disconnect any peripheral connected to UBS port when it is still running. While this usually affects more to the devices than USB ports themselves, they can also cause physical damage to ports, which can impair severely flash memory, USB flash drives or portable MP3, among others, due to breakage connector pins.

Failures due to dirt

Because of its physical form, the USB ports tend to accumulate dust and dirt, so it is recommended assiduous cleaning of these elements with a handheld vacuum or brush and cloth.

Problems USB ports repair

Problems with drivers or software

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