What is a Tablet?

The tablets are a sensation. All manufacturers are introducing new equipment, everyday. But after all, do you know what a tablet and you can do with it? Here we give you the answers to these and other questions about this amazing electronic device.

A tablet is a computer with tabular form, without keyboard and a large touchscreen. To get an idea of what a just think of a “giant iPhone” with a screen of 7 to 10 inches. Most tablets are shipped with 3G and Wi-Fi connection, that is, ready to access the Internet.

What are tablets

What is the price of the tablets?

Prices are as wide as the variety of existing models. The cheaper tablets on the market start at U$S 200 and can reach several thousand dollars. It all depends on the quality, brand and technical characteristics of equipment.

Notably we also have available tablets of Chinese origin that are not recognized brands, and can reach values as low as u $ s 75, offering good quality of materials and performance.

What can you do with a tablet?

The main objective of the tablets is internet access, web browsing, e-mail, reading and editing simple documents are some of the main activities that can be done with them. In addition, you can play videos, view photos and listen to music.

What are tablets

Due to the limitations of processing and its interface it is more complicated to work with heavy programs such as Photoshop or run large files of applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Everything will depend on the capabilities of the equipment.

What are the operating systems used in tablets?

Tablets, like any other computing device to operate at present, needs an operating system. The main OS which are equipped with the most modern tablets on the market are:

  • Windows 7
  • WIndows 10
  • Google Android based on Linux.
  • Apple IOS, which runs on all iPad

What are tablets

The tablets are similar to e-Books Readers?

In size, yes. But the similarities end there. The screens are color tablets and touch-sensitive, while those of the e-books are monochromatic and do not respond to finger pressure. E-Books are used only to read newspapers, books and magazines, while tablets have other functions.

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