The basic computer components

Basically, a computer is composed of two fundamental components, which complement each other, and that might not work without each other’s presence.

These two elements are the Hardware and Software, and is the purpose of this article analyze the most important differences between them. Let’s begin.

Computer components


The computer hardware can be defined as all physical parts or materials that can see and touch. For example, the monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard disk, case memory, screws, plastics and other physical parts. That is, the device itself with its internal and external parts.

We could simply define the computer as a box to which a number of devices are connected, also known as “peripherals” used to enter and retrieve information. The case to which we refer is the brain of the computer and is where the information is processed.

Computer components


In very general terms we could understand the software such as “set of instructions that computers use to manipulate and process data”.

Without the software, the computer would be a set of devices without any usefulness, as would our body without a brain to tell him what to do with arms, legs, mouth, etc.

The system software such as operating systems are programs that allow information processed by the production or application software are transformed into understandable instructions for the hardware components. That is, its function is to communicate Hardware elements with various programs we use to perform specific tasks.

Computer components

Some of the most widely used operating systems today are:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS
  • Android

Productivity software

The productivity software are packages of orders and instructions that it serving a particular function or task as, for example, processing a text, perform mathematical calculations, process and view images and videos and surf the Internet, among any others tasks.

Computer components

Some of the widely used productivity software today are:

  • Internet Browsers (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chorme, Opera and others)
  • Word processing (Word, OpenOffice Writer, etc.)
  • Worksheets (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc.)
  • Presentations (Power Point and others)

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Differences between Free Software and Commercial Software

Differentiate the hardware from software is not difficult. In the first classes of any school where it teaches computing, it quickly learns the difference between the two.

Nevertheless, the concept of software is more complicated to understand, despite being widely used and often illegally. An important point to differentiate are the concepts of Free Software and Commercial Software.

Free and commercial software

Free software

The Free software are those software that are under a free license, whereby the use, modification and distribution are permitted at all. The main free software licenses are GPL and LGPL.

The first, intended for users who may incorporate modifications or free software can add to a job, which should make it available also with the same license. The second It is more permissive, and it can be used even for commercial purposes.

Free and commercial software

Free software does not necessarily mean it is free of charge, this is an important point to consider, many free software can be sold separated or incorporated to another software to selling like consulting or related services, for example.

Examples of Free Software:

  • Linux Operating System
  • Java and PHP languages
  • MySQL Database
  • Open Office Suite

Commercial software

Commercial Software or proprietary software is those software that has an owner of its copyrights, and their use is allowed through a business license and most of the time paid.

Commercial software is no different from any other product commercially, only considering that still paying for software will be receiving only license or right to use and will not be buying the software itself.

Free and commercial software

The most important market Commercial Software companies are Microsoft, Google Adobe, Corel, Autodesk and Apple, among many others.

Examples of Commercial Software:

  • Windows operating system
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • Adobe Photoshop, an image processing software very popular
  • Suite development for Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks
  • Software for vector graphic design Corel Draw

Which one to use? Free Software or Commercial Software?

Using Free Software and Commercial Software is a decision of each company or person. The price, license, business model, support and functionality are some points that should be considered.

Free and commercial software

Many individuals and companies make joint use of Free Software and Commercial Software. It is a good strategy because this way you can exploit the best of both.

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How to build a PC: Tools and choice of accessories

No doubt that the assembly of a computer can become one of the most exciting experiences. While it is a complicated process, it is not necessary to be an expert to carry it out, nevertheless clearly that we must carry on with the utmost care. Here we tell you all the steps to achieve it.

There are several reasons why many users choose to build with its hands their own PC. Note that the assembly of a computer is no longer as difficult as it was years ago, so it is a task that anyone can undertake without practically problems.

How to buid a PC

Mounting a PC from scratch brings us a lot of benefits. In principle costs, because the fact is that the construction of our own equipment are significantly cheaper than buying one preassembled. In addition with the same budget we can access a truly superior computer to the offered in the store, and we can even choose to purchase high quality components.

On the other hand, a PC built by us can be easily customizable, upgradeable and even upgradeable, which will bring as many years of life of the equipment. Let’s not forget also, when we assemble our own PC, at the same time we are learning a lot about the hardware.

Very well, if you’ve decided to build your computer, here are some tips and steps to achieve your mission properly.

It is noteworthy that before starting to assemble the team, we must put on an anti-static wrist strap to prevent static electricity discharges on the components, which can irreparably damage the parts of the equipment.

How to buid a PC

We can also discharge any static electricity produced by our body by land, for example, maintaining contact with a metal component cabinet.

Another fundamental aspect is to look after the area in which we will work, since it must be large enough to allow us to move comfortably, and also allow us to place on a flat surface the different elements to be used during assembly. Ideally, work on a wooden surface.

Also is extremely important that before you start assembling a computer, we carefully read all the manuals provided by the manufacturer of each component, so as not to damage them during assembly.

How to buid a PC

The elements used

About the work area must have not only the cabinet and the various internal components that build up the new PC, but also must have available the following items:

  • Multistep screwdrivers and sizes
  • Some additional screws
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Isopropyl Alcohol to clean
  • A small plier long tips
  • A flashlight (optional)

Before starting the assembly, it is advisable to clean the components and the various surfaces of the cabinet with cloth and isopropyl alcohol, to remove any accumulated dust and dirt.

Choice of accessories

Once we have all the essential elements of the future PC, i.e. CPU, Motehrboard, RAM, video card and hard disk, then it is time to start choosing the cabinet or box containing all these elements.


In general, a variety of very good cabinets at very low prices currently on the market, of course we can also choose to purchase a brand known cabinet, but we must bear in mind that when dealing with high-end products, its value will be much higher.

How to buid a PC

It is also important that we choose a cabinet that includes plenty of islands to add several hard drives and optical disk drives, because it is possible that in the future we desire to incorporate more than one of these elements.

With regards to the connectors where we will plug the microphone, headphones and speakers, the ideal is that they are located in the front of the cabinet, as this will give us easier access to switch audio devices.

Choosing optical drive

While the DVD drive is not as important today, as they have been replaced by memory cards and pen drives, is likely that we require a CD/DVD drive to install the programs and the operating system.

By acquiring an optical drive, we can also come to consider buying a modern product that includes Blu-ray technology. While it is true that Blu-ray drives are significantly more expensive than DVD, keep in mind that a unit of this type will be a step further in technology, also it will allow us to play movies and other videos in high definition.

How to buid a PC

It is important to mention that when it comes to external storage, an excellent option is to use memory cards, which although they are more expensive, provide greater physical security to stored content.

In addition we note that today almost all devices we have at home usually include an SD card, so an excellent option is to add to the PC we’re building a 3.5 module with card slots, which can be located in the cabinet spaces available for HD or CD/DVD drives.

The last but not least

It is desirable that in the list of sourcing for our PC we include some more items that will be critical to enjoy the computer. This is where we must choose peripherals and accessories that accompany the computer:

Wi-Fi card or adaptor: We can choose to include in the PC case an Wi-Fi internal board, or add an external device such as dongle. More about that here.

Microphones: According to the use that we think give this peripheral, we can choose to purchase a cheap mic or choose something more expensive that allows us to make high quality recordings. Find more information here.

How to buid a PC

 Speakers: The quality and cost of a pair of speakers depends exclusively on the use we will give, as well as the budget we have available. They are indispensable for videoconferencing, watch videos and play music.

Webcams: is a fundamental device if we use the PC to communicate via video, so we invite you to read more information here.

Another accessory that should not be overlooked is the acquisition of a power stabilizer, as it will help us to protect the computer from fluctuations in the power supply.

How to buid a PC

Finally, and no less important, is to choose the operating system you install on brand new PC. But for this, we must first assemble the team, so get to work!

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The best software to uninstall software

Remove software you no longer need that have installed in Windows is not always a task performed cleanly, it is normal that in the system remain many traces and components thereof scattered on your computer hard drive.

Unfortunately, the uninstall utility software that incorporates Windows by default, not doing his job properly, because it does not implement a thorough cleaning, and neither include any function that allows us to adapt to our needs.

Software to uninstall software

That is why in this article we offer the best uninstallers for Windows, which besides being the best in their field, they are completely free!

Software to uninstall software

If we are users who usually install and uninstall applications frequently, we will have already realized that Windows is not very good at this, in other things is the best, but unfortunately at this point fails miserably, because after uninstalling any program files remain folders and registry keys without deleting, which inevitably, after some time, lead to total chaos, including that our computer freezes completely.

To solve this terrible flaw in the operating system, here are the best free software uninstallers for Windows, so we can assess and opt for the most suitable to our needs.

IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller is the ideal solution for those users who do not like waiting, since unlike the others software evaluated here, speed is one of the main focuses of development.

Not only the application is really quick to show the full list of the applications we have installed on the system and to uninstall, but also it does so very effectively, eliminating any trace of it, including files, folders and keys from the register.

Software to uninstall software

It is also extremely simple to use, because with just a click with the right mouse button on any of the applications on the list, it will display a context menu where we can find four options explained themselves: Uninstall, Delete entry, Open folder and Search online.

If you wish, you can download the application from this link.

Revo Uninstaller Freeware

This excellent software, one of the most popular uninstallers from Windows platform, besides being one of the most complete, provides a lot of features that will make the task of uninstalling a program is as simple and clean as it should be.

Owner of a fast and efficient interface, is ideal for the replacement of “Uninstall or remove a program” feature in the Windows Control Panel.

Once we run Revo will show icons and names of all the programs you have installed on our PC, once this operation is completed, the program will scan your system before uninstall any application for avoid any problems, only then Revo will uninstalls the app.

Software to uninstall software

Notably also it performs this procedure once the program is uninstalled. Security twice.

The main features of Revo Uninstaller Freeware include the ability to remove any installation that has not come to term or damaged, and many other additional cleaning tools that will be very useful

If you wish, you can download the application from this link.

Absolute Uninstaller

Absolute Uninstaller is a software able to completely uninstall any application that crosses along the way, no more nor less than any of the other uninstallers mentioned in this report, Absolute Uninstaller will always be better than the default Windows system alternative.

One of the highlights of the program is that we have available the ability to manually uninstall applications or batch, something interesting if we have a lot of software to remove and we do not want to delete them one by one.

Software to uninstall software

We can also create a list of programs by name or date of installation, to thereby easily find the applications you want to uninstall.

If you wish, you can download the application from this link.

Comodo Programs Manager

Comodo Programs Manager is an application that shall be extremely useful when you remove or uninstall any program that we no longer wish to have on the PC, as well as provides the ability to uninstall drivers, Windows components and services.

Undoubtedly one of the best features of Comodo Programs Manager is the ability to monitor and record all changes made to the operating system when you install a program, which allows reverse those changes to its original state, sparing a good headache

As for the interface, Comodo Programs Manager gives us all the information we need to use it in a clear and concise manner, also very intuitive way, helping us to understand what they are seeing, a very important point for those users who do not have much experience in the subject.

Software to uninstall software

One aspect to consider when compare Comodo Programs Manager with other software is that Comodo creates a backup of files, folders and registry entries data when you uninstall a program, allowing you to easily recover any facility that we have deleted by mistake.

If you wish, you can download the application from this link.

ZSoft Uninstaller

This program is a tool whose design has focused not so much on the possibility of eliminating applications automatically without our participation, but that focuses on the control and analysis of installed programs, fact that guarantees a deep removal, and without leaving no trace.

To do this, every time you install software, you must perform an analysis before and after. While it seems a considerable nuisance, the reality is that by this way we have a really important control our PC applications. With this kind of system snapshot, we will know exactly which files or folders were created or modified by a specific program, so the cleaning will be more efficient and faster.

Software to uninstall software

Notably that ZSoft Uninstaller is for users with experience and patience.

If you wish, you can download the application from this link.


If you tried any of these apps to uninstall programs in Windows, we would like to know what you think of it. For this you have arranged all the necessary tools in the bottom of this article.

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The computer functions

A computer is basically a device whose primary function is to process large amounts of data with great speed and accuracy, task is accomplished by hardware components, ie the physical part, and software, which are programs. A PC can perform many complex tasks, and for that uses a set of instructions, the aforementioned software, that basically are orders that the computer must process through the hardware, producing an output data an understandable format for its users.

As mentioned, a computer is composed of two subsystems, hardware and software, where the first of which comprises the computer itself and all peripherals input and output, including keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer and other, while the software subsystem includes the operating system, which is responsible for translating what we do to PC language, and all user programs, i.e. office suites, design software, modeling, mathematical software, and many others.

Computer functions

What does “process information”?

The action of “process” is related to the act to modify or transform something from its original state to a new one. The computer can process information from different types: text, numbers, images, sounds, and many others sources. The information you work the computer must be entered by the user.

The computer ability for data process can be summarized through the following basics:

Store information:

The computer has the ability to store, in a small space, large amount of information that otherwise would have to print in thousands of paper sheets.

Computer functions

Organize information:

This feature gives the user the option to sort or organize the information according to their own needs and requirements. By this way, we can find and examine documents and data the number of times we want.

Retrieve Information:

His great ability to store information would be useless if we cannot quickly and easily retrieve and examine it. In this regard, the computer offers us the possibility to check instantly and accurately any information you have previously saved on it.

Computer functions

Transmitting information:

One of the most important features of the computer is the ability to share information between users quickly, securely and accurately. This fantastic feature depends on whether our computer is connected to the Internet or local network.

Software types

There is no doubt that the key part of any computer system is the software, also called program or application, which together with the hardware, are the backbone of any computer or computer system such as desktop PCs, netbooks, smartphones, notebooks or tablets.

Without these programs and codes, the computer would just be a device that is not able to do anything himself except decorate a desk. This article will try to make a review of the different types of programs and applications that can be found in the market.

Software types

In the market, there are many types of software, each developed for a specific purpose, and over the years has established a categorization that defines the task it performs. From here we know how different types of programs and some examples of popular applications differ.

Operating systems

This type of software controls the computer, and without it, the PC is not able to interpret the actions that we request, for example cut, copy or paste. The most important examples of operating systems are Microsoft Windows, in any version, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, Apple MacOS or Linux on your different flavors such as Mandriva, Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Debian, just to name the most important.

Software types

However, not only exist the development of operating systems to computers, but also the development of operating systems for other types of devices such as smartphones, smartwatches and tablets. The best examples are Symbian, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS, among others.

Text processors

This type of software replaced to the obsolete typewriter, with many advantages. By using a word processor you can edit and write text such as memorandums, letters, contracts, reports, general correspondence, budgets and others documents in a way that could not even imagine a few years ago. It is even possible to send the document you just wrote via e-mail, without having to exit the application.

Software types

With a word processor, you can use various resources for the composition of a document such as underline, bold, special fonts of various types, colors, spell checking, inserting text, images, tables, and many other options that will achieve a professional aspect to our writing. The most cited word processing examples are Microsoft Word, Writer, part of office suite Libre Office, WordPad, Abiword or KWord, just to name a few examples.


These types of applications are used to do all sorts of calculations and mathematical operations, being quite useful for various applications such as accounting, accounts payable and receivable, statistical calculations, balances, statistical graphs and many other possibilities for the field accounting in the company or home. Examples are Microsoft Excel, Lotus and Office Calc.

Software types


These programs are used to store information such as customer’s registration, suppliers, materials, products, for the purpose of being able to have effective monitoring of stocks or movements of any kind. The most important applications of this field are Microsoft Access, Foxpro and Office Base.

CAD programs

CAD (Computer Aided Design), refers to programs of computer-aided design that are widely used by architects, engineers, designers and all professionals engaged in the preparation of plans of any kind.

Software types

Widely used in architecture, engineering and electronics among others. The most significant example of this category is the company Autodesk AutoCAD, but we also have Blender, open source and free.

Graphic design

Such programs are regularly used in any graphic design studio where magazines, books, and all kinds of printed material consisting. Basically they can be divided into two types: Composition and retouching & image manipulation.

The most commonly used in this field are software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and is also used, but to a lesser extent CorelDraw! and Corel Photo Paint, among others.

Software types

However, these programs are not all that is needed in this area, because we also need additional software as font managers, catalogers images and PDF converters, among others.

It should be noted that there is also a free software of this type, such as The Gimp.


Such programs tend to integrate multiple applications that fulfill a different function in one package. The most popular suites are Microsoft Office, Open Office or Adobe Suite. The first two options are focused in integrate work such as word processing, spreadsheet and other in a one package, while the third is aimed to the professional graphic field.


Perhaps one of the most used programs today, given the unstoppable fury of the Internet and social networks. These programs serve to connect and navigate through Internet. The most popular browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. It should be noted that they are all free programs.

Software types

Applications for Smartphones

A special category of software programs are exclusively designed for operating systems included in current smartphones.

In the market there are several operating systems for mobile phones, as we saw above, but unfortunately the software developed for these different platforms are not compatible. This means that an app that runs on iOS will not work on Android, and vice versa.

Software types

These apps, also known as software for smart phones, offer the user a very important range of possibilities, because with them can count on help for any kind of task you want to take with your phone.

For this there are in the market for office applications, mail readers, games and many others, it is only a matter of looking in official stores of each operating system and select the one that suits us.

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