The Cellphone

Cell phones are so called because the physical area basically covering are a formatted cells. The origin of the cell phone is said that was way back in 1973 when the electronics company consumer Motorola launched the first portable cell phone, which was marketed under the name of Motorola DynaTAC 8000X.

Currently, the number of cell phone models entering the market is almost incalculable, and its sales generates hundreds of billions of dollars a year, so today is considered as the most used electronic device in the world.

The Cellphone

As we can see in any city or town, it is almost impossible to find a person without a cell phone or smartphone in hand, such is the degree of penetration that this device has reached between us, and it is no wonder, because thanks to the tasks which he is able to meet, and the number of important built in functions, we can improve our lifestyle, increasing our productivity and reducing times.

This last decade has seen the birth of the smartphone as we know it today, mixing computer and cell phone offers features with which we could not even dream at the time that was fashionable the Nokia 3210, for example.

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What hardware integrates a cell phone?

The parts of a traditional cell phone are:

  • Circuit board
  • Antenna
  • Keyboard
  • LCD Screen (Liquid Crystal Display)
  • Battery
  • Microphone
  • Speaker

The Cellphone

Functions of a cell phone

Cell phones have a variety of functions. To name a few, depending on the type of cell phone:

  • Store contact information
  • Manage an agenda of commitments to date
  • Send and receive e-mails
  • 3d games
  • Send and receive text messages
  • Surf websites
  • Play mp3 and other audio formats
  • Play video and TV online
  • GPS service and maps of most cities in the world
  • Integration with other devices such as GPS receiver

The Cellphone

How a cell phone works?

Cell phones, operating on radio frequency, innovated to minimize the availability of RF spectrum. Now, several cell phone towers antennas are used to cover a large geographical area. Each tower (base station) covers a circular area called cell. A large geographic region is divided into a number of cells, allowing different base stations use the same channels / frequencies for communication.

Another important aspect of this division in cells, is that cell phones need less power to transmit to reach any base station and covering a smaller area. Reducing the energy required for transmission, battery size and weight is reduced accordingly. This contributes to the reduction in size of cell phones would not be possible without the cellular technology.

When you use your cell phone, your phone locates first base with the strongest signal station and requests a channel. The base station allows access to the channel and the call is then accepted. The call is then sent to the local telephone network if the call is for a common phone, otherwise will be transmitted by the mobile network.

The Cellphone

When the cell phone is connected, the SID (System Identification Code) in the control channel is equivalent to the SID the phone. If the SID is identified, the phone understands that the cell is communicating with the local system. The phone sends a registration request, along with the SID and the MTSO keeps the course of the phone’s location in the database. If the control does not identify the SID of your phone, then your phone is roaming.

Major cell phone manufacturers

Most popular cell phone models on the market are produced by Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG and Alcatel, among many others.

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What is the gadgets?

Today, the term “gadget” has become very popular, and not just for technology enthusiasts, but also for many users who had no prior idea what this meant. This is thanks to the popularity of the word obtained due to the expansion of the Internet and the use of high-tech devices.

Gadget is a recent technological jargon that refers, generically, to a electronic device that has a purpose and a specific, practical and useful function in everyday life. Commonly we called “Gadget” to portable electronic devices such as PDAs, phones, smartphones, mp3 players, among others. In other words, it is an electronic jargon.

What are gadgets

However, in addition to well call electronic devices, also it called “gadget” those miniapps that can be found in web browsers, operating systems, and that have the function of showing information or perform some operation being separate from the main module.

Generally, these types of programs reside on the desktop, as in the case of the well-known Windows 7 desktop gadgets system. Today, virtually all operating systems offers some type of gadgets system, because they are really very helpful to improve our flexibility and ability when we are working.

What are gadgets

In this sense, the best desktop gadgets systems may be found in operating systems such as Mac OS X, KDE and Gnome. In the case of Windows, it does not offer this feature, however provides the so-called “Tiles”, but anyone that has tried will agree not offer the same capacity as gadgets.

What are gadgets

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What is the best operating system for a smartphone?

Basically, an operating system is responsible for translating everything we do on the computer screen, smartphone or tablet to machine language. Without this translator, a device of this type would be virtually impossible to operate. Depending on the operating system you use the phone, also it affected the speed and reliability of all processes.

Currently, there are a huge variety of operating systems for mobile phones, and among the best known and popular OS we find Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone. Usually most of these operating systems are associated with certain brands of phones, manufactured by specific companies. Other phones, however, are available for a variety of platforms.

What are the best mobile os

Key features of Android

Originally developed by an independent organization and based on the Linux operating system, the Android OS is currently the system sold by the company Google for TVs, smartphones and tablets. Since its inception and until today, it is an operating system that remains free and open source distribution, which has made Android continues to be praised by a huge number of users due to its flexibility.

Keep in mind that anyone can develop applications for Android, and any company can launch a phone or tablet including it as preinstalled OS. Therefore, one of the great advantages of this operating system is that there is now availability of thousands of free and paid apps that users can use to optimize the use of your Android device.

What are the best mobile os

Also, another benefit of this platform lies in the fact that it allows excellent integration with all services provided by Google, which greatly expands the possibilities of the system. Moreover, being an open source system, allows users to make a really deep customization, setting the platform to their needs and available resources of the device in which run Android.

Notably also that Android developers made available to users a number of frequent updates of the platform, which usually not only provide major improvements in software development, but will also add new features.

Among the objectionable aspects of Android, usually many users complain about the limited supply of games available on Google Play, while others say that one of the great cons of the platform is that many of the applications available are not fit properly to the Android devices screens. However, this has to do with application development, and no problems with the hardware or operating system.

Key features of iOS

Apple’s iOS operating system, has been developed to be exclusively used in company products, which is integrated devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Two of the key aspects of the success of iOS is in perfect safety and compatibility with those products of the company. Of course, being a product created by Apple for devices that the company manufactures and markets, it is a closed source platform.

Among the great advantages that often point to the users of this operating system, its ease of use stands out, offering a graphical interface that allows a remarkable performance. It has a great performance in the multimedia field, and contrary to Android has a wide variety and quality of games.

What are the best mobile os

Among its most notorious flaws in principle the main disadvantage is that it can only be used in Apple products. Also it requires significant energy consumption, which makes the battery last less time than on a device with Android.

Being a closed source platform, it does not allow deep customization, so users must make do with a simple color change and other trifles. Also one of its major drawbacks is that it is completely tied to iTunes.

Key features of BlackBerry OS

Although this operating system is currently discontinued, they remain on the market even hundreds of thousands of devices equipped with this software. So far, BlackBerry OS was undoubtedly one of the best known SO in the world of smartphones mobile operating systems, and as its name suggests, is the only operating system available for the BlackBerry devices brand.

Because it was designed primarily for use in business, this platform has an appearance according to this field. Anyway rising popularity has made to become a favorite of ordinary users.

What are the best mobile os

Its main focus points are the instant messaging, e-mail and other functions related to communication. That is why the devices from this brand have physical keyboards, designed and developed to offer ease and speed for text entry.

Another major advantage of this platform is its security, reason for which the BlackBerry devices has become the preferred in companies. It also has an architecture that works with a real energy saving, allowing a single charge the device work much longer than those who work with other software.

However, because it has been designed for messaging, one of the great missing points of this platform are often the applications to play multimedia files. Moreover, in general it offers a limited supply of applications, particularly with respect to games. Notably available applications typically have a relatively expensive cost.

As for customization, while it is offering many more options than iOS, the truth is that it can never compare with Android at this point.

Key features of Windows for mobiles

Windows 10 mobile is the version of Microsoft’s operating system to smartphones and tablets, this of course makes the platform is compatible with almost all programs that run on Windows, among which is the popular office suite Microsoft Office and the web browser Edge. This is one of the fundamental reasons why Windows mobile is one of the options chosen, not only for ordinary users, but also for use in the workplace.

What are the best mobile os

Among the main benefits offered by the platform as well as being fully compatible with all Microsoft products, it is noteworthy that the design of its graphical interface makes possible an effective usability.

Moreover, although not has support for Flash, the truth is offering an excellent browsing experience, and has full support for HTML5, thanks to Edge, the last bet in web browsers from Microsoft. Another highlight is undoubtedly its performance in regards to instant messaging and email. The excellent response in the multimedia field and the gaming world is also highlighted.

As regards disadvantages, being a closed code system, it does not offer the customization possibilities that it is able to offer Android, being more similar in this regard to IOS.


Based on everything we’ve mentioned in this article, we note that one of the first decisions for buying a smartphone should be the choice of operating system. Consider that both the device and its software must offer us the necessary capabilities for our requirements.

For you, what is the best mobile OS? Tell us your experience and opinion.

IPhone iOS or Android, which is better?

Many people are faced with a problem when choosing a smartphone, especially the wealth of information that can be found on the operating systems of these phones, most often confuses users with many facts and figures. The prestigious Apple, has its own operating system, iOS, and like any Apple product, offers quality and reliability, but what happening with Android?

Some say it is the best operating system for smart phones today, mainly because of its performance and characteristics. Both operating systems promise and ensure smooth functioning of devices. But, do you choose? IOS or Android?

iPhone vs. Android

Both seem to be the same thing, however, are quite different. In this article we will review the main differences between the two mobile operating systems, so we can choose between them in the right way.

As mentioned, smartphones running Android and iOS have many differences, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of smartphones with iOS on smartphones with Android

Display and Design

One of the salient features of the iPhone is undoubtedly the Retina Display. Despite not being one of the largest in the market, it is certainly the best image quality and resolution. Furthermore, the design and construction of the iPhone are superior to that of any smartphone with Android.

iPhone vs. Android


One of the most interesting features of the iPhone is FaceTime, which allows video calls from one iPhone to another or from an iPhone to a Mac. Although there are hundreds of Android smartphone models that offer two cameras, the fact that at this point is the software that makes the difference in quality of service.


In this regard, both platforms have hundreds of thousands of high quality applications ready to be installed on the device, the only difference occurs in the stores, where Android offers many more free apps.

A good example of the quality of the software developed by Apple is iTunes media player.

iPhone vs. Android

Advantages of Android on IOS

IPhone users always have the latest version of the operating system through constant automatic update. For Android, there is only the fragmentation of the system and the update depends solely on the manufacturer. Although this point is being resolved with the latest versions of Android that have been released to the market.

Variety of Equipment

There is no doubt that one of the most important advantages of Android is in the variety of devices on which it is installed, allowing us the possibility to choose between different smartphones, as they are increasingly available on the market. In this sense, there is only one type of iPhone, just with a few variations, limiting the choice.

iPhone vs. Android

HD Videos

Another advantage of Android is the ability to play videos in high definition on a screen or TV, through the HDMI ports included with some smartphone models.

The iPhone, in addition to not have this port, has no memory card slot, which most Android devices have for expand store capacity by simply adding a microSD card.

iPhone vs. Android

Powerful processors

Regarding processors (CPU) that currently have smartphones with Android or IOS, virtually no differences, since both types of chips are powerful, offering excellent performance that allows them to perform any task.

Now it’s up to you to choose … iOS or Android?

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