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IPhone iOS or Android, which is better?

Many people are faced with a problem when choosing a smartphone, especially the wealth of information that can be found on the operating systems of these phones, most often confuses users with many facts and figures. The prestigious Apple, has its own operating system, iOS, and like any Apple product, offers quality and reliability, but what happening with Android?

Some say it is the best operating system for smart phones today, mainly because of its performance and characteristics. Both operating systems promise and ensure smooth functioning of devices. But, do you choose? IOS or Android?

iPhone vs. Android

Both seem to be the same thing, however, are quite different. In this article we will review the main differences between the two mobile operating systems, so we can choose between them in the right way.

As mentioned, smartphones running Android and iOS have many differences, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of smartphones with iOS on smartphones with Android

Display and Design

One of the salient features of the iPhone is undoubtedly the Retina Display. Despite not being one of the largest in the market, it is certainly the best image quality and resolution. Furthermore, the design and construction of the iPhone are superior to that of any smartphone with Android.

iPhone vs. Android


One of the most interesting features of the iPhone is FaceTime, which allows video calls from one iPhone to another or from an iPhone to a Mac. Although there are hundreds of Android smartphone models that offer two cameras, the fact that at this point is the software that makes the difference in quality of service.


In this regard, both platforms have hundreds of thousands of high quality applications ready to be installed on the device, the only difference occurs in the stores, where Android offers many more free apps.

A good example of the quality of the software developed by Apple is iTunes media player.

iPhone vs. Android

Advantages of Android on IOS

IPhone users always have the latest version of the operating system through constant automatic update. For Android, there is only the fragmentation of the system and the update depends solely on the manufacturer. Although this point is being resolved with the latest versions of Android that have been released to the market.

Variety of Equipment

There is no doubt that one of the most important advantages of Android is in the variety of devices on which it is installed, allowing us the possibility to choose between different smartphones, as they are increasingly available on the market. In this sense, there is only one type of iPhone, just with a few variations, limiting the choice.

iPhone vs. Android

HD Videos

Another advantage of Android is the ability to play videos in high definition on a screen or TV, through the HDMI ports included with some smartphone models.

The iPhone, in addition to not have this port, has no memory card slot, which most Android devices have for expand store capacity by simply adding a microSD card.

iPhone vs. Android

Powerful processors

Regarding processors (CPU) that currently have smartphones with Android or IOS, virtually no differences, since both types of chips are powerful, offering excellent performance that allows them to perform any task.

Now it’s up to you to choose … iOS or Android?

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