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How to record cell phone calls in your Android

There are many opportunities in which we would like to record conversations we have with family or friends via cell phone, for listen later and re-enjoy or keep them as a memory. Unfortunately, if you use a smartphone with Android operating system, this we cannot do it, since it does not include by default any application that serves these purposes.

The aim of this article is learn about three programs that allow us to have a record the conversations we have with other people by phone, and best of all is that all apps are free and do not compromise device performance.

How to record Android calls

The ability to record a conversation is a necessity that many mobile phone users require, but Android does not include any tool to record telephone conversations, perhaps this is related to the different laws in each country, anyway, they did not offer us the possibility to do so, despite our rights.

That is why this article we have made a compilation of the best applications to record phone calls in Android, all these free and compatible with almost all versions of the mobile operating system of Google.

Auto Call Recorder

The first recording app that we will mention here is Auto Call Recorder, a program specifically designed for automatic call recording in the Android operating system. Free, with this program we can record all calls that we made in WAV, AMR and 3GP format.

With Auto Call Recorder for Android you can program in advance the calls we want to recording automatically, definitely one of its best features. We can also select from the ability to record all calls or only those that are not on our list of contacts.

How to record Android calls

Another interesting option available is that can we share the recordings obtained in this way in the most popular social networks.

If you want to install this application on your phone, click on this link.

Call Recorder

Undoubtedly, Call Recorder is the most popular call recording app for Android, and no wonder, since the important features and functions that gives us, makes it possible, in a simple way, but also with a splendid performance, records and stores fully automatically all calls made with our smartphone.

How to record Android calls

Always running as a background application, and the recorded conversations are stored on the SD card, so we should not worry about the space occupied by the recordings. Call Recorder supports widgets, which allows us to control the application directly from mobile phone main screen. It is also possible to use it without having to enable the speakerphone.

If you want to install this application on your phone, click on this link.

Record My Call

Another great app for recording calls on Android phones, specially designed for smartphones featuring speaker. According to users who use the application, is one of the most useful for this kind of activities.

Unfortunately it has a single method to record calls, using the speakerphone, which means that all those who are around us will hear what we’re talking about. However, thanks to the speaker, we can get incoming and outgoing calls recordings of exceptional quality.

How to record Android calls

Access to recorded calls is very simple, we just move to the memory card of the phone and access to RecordMyCall folder.

If you want to install this application on your phone, click on this link.