The 5 best free antispyware tools

Today, security is one of the most important points to consider when using a computer, and any software that we can use in this battle is welcome.

In this sense, the antispyware software are as important as an antivirus, as they serve as a barrier to control pests circulating on the internet. If you do not have much experience with internet yet, or not get used to analyze the pages you visit, it is good to have an anti-spyware installed on your PC.

Antispyware best tools

The antispyware apps basically are used to combat spyware, adware, keyloggers among other spyware. Here are a list of the best free antispyware:


Antispyware best tools

Although this program is one of the most recent, has already earned a reputation based on its excellent safety qualities, achieving by this way 55 million users. The program scans the system deeply, it is fast, and runs in real time. If we are looking to use Antispyware, we should not hesitate to give it a try.

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Windows Defender

Antispyware best tools

Protection provided by Microsoft to protect your computer against spyware and other malicious software that can be installed on your system. It maintains the security of your system through a deep analysis of the installed files, periodic search throughout the system, continuous protection, automatic updates, etc. It has a utility installation and uninstallation.

Note that in the latest versions of Windows, Defender comes installed by default.

Spybot Search & Destroy

Antispyware best tools

Spybot is a very practical tool that removes all kinds of spyware. Removes various types of spyware from your system, as spybots, keyloggers, and adware. It is considered superior to Ad-Aware, one of its direct competitors, since it detects a greater number of spywares, it is updated much more frequently, besides having several tools, including the option to immunize your system by blocking some spywares before they are installed.

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Ad-Aware Free

Antispyware best tools

Ad-Aware, now has its new version, more powerful and efficient in protecting your computer! This tool works on the detection and removal of spyware and the like.

Perform a full scan of your system in search of some specific virtual spywares, especially those files illegally inserted into shareware programs to monitor and chart a commercial user profile. Where do you think they come many of those annoying commercial e-mails?

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Antispyware best tools

HiJackThis is an auxiliary tool for removing any spyware on your computer. It is constantly updated to remove the new spywares that may come to appear. The program makes a system scan, showing a complete list of active processes, applications running next to Internet Explorer, helpers and hooks.

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