output peripherals

Output peripherals

An output device is an electronic device that can print, display, or send signals that are easily interpreted by the user. Basically, an output device serves to show to operator of the computer the operations that just made.

That is, the output device communicates with us to show the result of our work, that can easily observe them through the monitor or printer, the two most commonly used output peripherals. There is also a third type of output device, commonly known as speakers or headphones, which allow us to hear what the computer has to say.

Output Peripherals

As mentioned, the most common output peripherals are the monitor and printer. That’s why then we will know some of its most important technical features.


Our PC monitor is certainly the most important device of our equipment, since without it we could not know what is happening in the computer.

This display device is constituted by several luminous dots called pixels. The amount of pixels which determines the graphic resolution thereof; the higher it is the number of pixels, the higher the resolution, since if the same image is reproduced on a larger number of viewing points, will greatly improve the detail.

Output Peripherals

There are two main types of monitor, the so-called CRT, or “Cathode ray tube“, and new flat panel monitors, which we can find on the market two variants, LED or LCD.

CRT monitors are the oldest monitor type, virtually obsolete now in the market, and it is almost impossible to find one of them, except in the used market. This is because they have been replaced by LCD monitors or LED, which grant a long series of advantages over CRT.

LED monitors or LCD monitors also use very different technology to that used with CRTs monitors, and offer many advantages over the way the data is presented on the screen, since they are larger and generally in widescreen format.

Output Peripherals


The printer is one of the most important output peripherals as they were designed to perpetuate the results of the data processed by the computer on paper.

Unlike in the case of the monitor, the printer is not an essential device, but is especially important when we need to represent the information processed by the PC in paper in the form of lists, graphs, drawings, and other images.

Currently there are several types of printers, the most widely used at the time are the laser and multifunction printers, a special class of device that meets scanner, copier and printer in single device.

Output Peripherals

Note that we can find other types of printers, which are used in more specialized areas. Among them we can mention the color laser printers, plotters and billboards printers, all used in the graphic area, and dot matrix printers, although a fairly old technology still widely used by businesses, mainly due to the cheapness of supplies.

Output Peripherals

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Speakers or headphones are devices that allow us to hear the sounds produced by the computer such as notifications, warning sounds, and of course, our favorite music. All these sounds are produced by the system audio board.

Output Peripherals

The speakers, along with the headphones, are the most used devices for listening to music through the audio player of your operating system.

Today we can find several types of speakers, including standard two-channel speakers, and multichannel speakers that can handle sounds from sound cards with 6 or 8 audio outputs.