operating systems

The basic computer components

Basically, a computer is composed of two fundamental components, which complement each other, and that might not work without each other’s presence.

These two elements are the Hardware and Software, and is the purpose of this article analyze the most important differences between them. Let’s begin.

Computer components


The computer hardware can be defined as all physical parts or materials that can see and touch. For example, the monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard disk, case memory, screws, plastics and other physical parts. That is, the device itself with its internal and external parts.

We could simply define the computer as a box to which a number of devices are connected, also known as “peripherals” used to enter and retrieve information. The case to which we refer is the brain of the computer and is where the information is processed.

Computer components


In very general terms we could understand the software such as “set of instructions that computers use to manipulate and process data”.

Without the software, the computer would be a set of devices without any usefulness, as would our body without a brain to tell him what to do with arms, legs, mouth, etc.

The system software such as operating systems are programs that allow information processed by the production or application software are transformed into understandable instructions for the hardware components. That is, its function is to communicate Hardware elements with various programs we use to perform specific tasks.

Computer components

Some of the most widely used operating systems today are:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS
  • Android

Productivity software

The productivity software are packages of orders and instructions that it serving a particular function or task as, for example, processing a text, perform mathematical calculations, process and view images and videos and surf the Internet, among any others tasks.

Computer components

Some of the widely used productivity software today are:

  • Internet Browsers (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chorme, Opera and others)
  • Word processing (Word, OpenOffice Writer, etc.)
  • Worksheets (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc.)
  • Presentations (Power Point and others)

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