What is DNS

The DNS system, more commonly known as Domain Name System is basically responsible for translating the complicated series of numbers that make up an IP address in words that the user can easily remember.

Each web page is accessed by an IP address. The problem is that there are so many that it is virtually impossible to remember the IP address of each. Imagine that instead of introducing “” would have to enter in the browser an address like “”. It would be a very complex task enter the IP of each of the pages, an almost impossible task.

What is DNS

To solve this problem the DNS is used. This allows the use of names (also called domains) instead of IP for access to websites. Basically, in the Internet, the DNS is a set of large distributed databases on servers around the world that indicate what IP is associated with a name (i.e., an address of type

How does it work the DNS system

Internet DNS services are a set of databases on servers scattered around the world. These databases have the function of indicating the IP that is associated with a name of a website. When you enter an address in the search, for example,, the computer asks the DNS servers of the ISP you find the IP address associated with If the servers do not have that information, starts a search with other servers that may have that data.

What is DNS

Root server

To better understand the DNS, go to the following example: Suppose you access the website For this, the server verifies and directed towards the completion .com server, which in turn redirects the server to register the domain, which reports what the IP, that is, the server where it is located the web.

DNS Cache

Suppose you access a website that has not been located by your DNS service provider, so you had to do a search on other DNS servers (through the hierarchical search).

To prevent that search to be performed again when another provider user tries to access the same web, DNS service stores information for the first consultation.

Thus, when another request arises, the server will have already stored the IP belonging to that site. This procedure is known as “DNS cache”.

What is DNS

The Cache information is stored for a certain period of time through a parameter known for TTL (Time-To-Live). This is used to prevent the stored information is updated. The period of time varies according to the server TTL and your manager.


The use of the DNS is not limited to Internet. That resource can (and is) also used in local networks. Its implementation can be made in virtually any operating system and is very common in the Unix and Windows systems.

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What is an Intranet and what is it?

Computer networks called Intranet, are basically a network of computers like internet, but for the exclusive use of a particular organization, i.e. only computers of the organization that created the intranet can access.

Nowadays, internal communication (between departments) and external (customers and suppliers) is very important for all businesses. And the intranet is a tool that can help in communication, and what is best, at a low cost.

What is Intranet

This technology enables communication of a department with all employees of the company. Within a company all departments have some type of information to be transmitted to other departments or directly with employees.

What use the intranet?

Nothing better than a few examples to understand the power that can have an intranet in an organization:

  • The IT department offers all employees a new support system
  • Marketing department shares information about promotions company, brand advertising
  • The personnel department makes available forms of address changes, vacation planning
  • The HR department announces internal places available
  • Finance allows through a web system, other departments report travel expenses

These are just some examples of use of an intranet. Each department manager will be responsible for operating the company intranet, publishing useful information for its employees.

What is Intranet

The intranet is one of the best communication vehicles to improve communication within a company. The evolution of an intranet is to offer some of these services to customers and suppliers of the company, to be renamed extranet.

An intranet must be designed according to the needs of the company or organization (types of services to be implemented). Therefore, the intranet should not be designed only for the IT staff of the company, but according to a project that takes into account the needs of all the constituent parts of the company.

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What is a router?

The router is one of the pillars of global communication and most users use their services without even knowing of its existence. They are much more common than we imagine, being present at home, office, in companies of all sizes and internet servers worldwide.

In short, one could say that the router is a device dedicated to the task of managing data traffic flowing through a network of computers. In this article we learn a lot about these essential devices.

What is router

Basically, any common computer can be transformed into a router. Linux is used as the operating system of some brands of routers and there are tutorials on how to transform your simple router into a super machine, just installing and configuring it correctly.

At home, a router can be used to share Internet (cable or ADSL) with other computers, providing firewall protection, control the quality of service and various other tasks, mainly in the field of security.

What is router

A wireless router provides access to the local network and Internet wirelessly to any device, either notebook, tablets or smartphone which is within range of the signal.

Most of wireless routers for home or small business, come with 4 ports for wired local network (LAN) and an Ethernet port to connect the modem Internet (WLAN port). So, simply, internet can be shared with any wireless device within range of the signal and that is configured for that.

What is router

An outstanding feature of some routers is their safety, as it is possible give permission through the physical address of the network, the Media Access Control Address (MAC Address), configure ports access to BitTorrent, Ares, and much more.

If a parent believes that his children should not surf the Internet at dawn, the router has controls to prevent navigation in certain hours. Internet control and network is available to the administrator of the router. And everything is done through a web interface on the device itself.

What is router

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