What is and how it works SoundCloud?

As we know, social networks currently occupy a more prominent place in the preferences of people when communicating with others. This is demonstrably just checking the number of users that have sites Facebook or G + how, just to name a few examples.

Musicians, like all other mortals, could not escape this trend, and that is why born SoundCloud, wich is a social network aimed primarily at composers and interpreters, so that they can spread their music through channels.


Through SoundCloud it is impossible to show works in progress, or accept suggestions, as in the case of other similar sites as Start My Song or Songpull, but the idea is to spread the finished work, ready to be heard, for example, in a radio. The main objective is simply to promote the music, without having to use for this download sites like 4shared, Megaupload, Dropbox, Google Drive or others.

What is and how it works SoundCloud?

How to use SoundCloud

All you have to do the musician who want to broadcast their music is create an SoundCloud account, upload your song and then send it through a link to anyone.

This link, when it is opened by the recipient, is shown as a player, so just press the “Play” button to hear the song. The player showing SoundCloud is so simple that even has volume control, but you can stop playback or skip to the next track.

What is and how it works SoundCloud?

It should be noted that at the time the song starts playing, the people who are listening can leave a comment.

Given that the aim is to offer music to be sold, you may incorporate many facts and features of the song or the band. The contacts of each user can leave comments with a mark that indicates when the play has been performed and thus know exactly which part of the song is referring. Comments can be used to improve a certain section of it, and very easily.

What is and how it works SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is also a social player, since it is possible to insert websites or profiles from different social networks. Thus, each time the SoundCloud profile is updated either adding or removing music, all linked sites will be updated simultaneously and automatically.

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