What is RAM memory?

From the more advanced user, until the user with the lowest level of knowledge, all those who have a PC are aware of the great importance that RAM memory has in the final performance of the computer, and they know perfectly well that without this element, the computer will not even start.

When we acquired a PC we know that with the processor is vitally important choose the amount of RAM you will have our team to achieve the desired speed in processing data. It is no use a powerful processor without a good amount of RAM to accompany them. In this article we will learn the basics about RAM and its relationship with the PC.

What is RAM

The RAM, also known by the meaning of this acronym, Random Access Memory, is used by the system to process all the information passing through our PC, so all programs need it to run, and it is perhaps the most important element of all that integrates a computer.

It is well known to all that the more RAM, the better the performance of a computer, and that is why today is normal to find PCs that have 16 Gb. RAM or more. Obviously more RAM, the faster we can do our daily work. However, the RAM must be accompanied by an appropriate motherboard, a fast processor and a hard drive capacity and good speed, preferably of the type SSD (Solid State Drive).

What is RAM

The amount in Gigabytes of RAM that includes our PC is essential for the workflow you want the computer to perform. In the event that our tasks include video processing, video games or any other situation in which a large amount of processing is required, many users, along with a lot of RAM, also add a powerful video card, which it is very useful for this kind of work because it lightens the processor load.

The RAM on the computer

Physically, RAM is a piece of hardware that is inserted into the sockets that the motherboard includes for this. Basically, the RAM works by storing the instructions to be executed by the microprocessor at every moment. Hence the importance of speed.

What is RAM

This means that the processor works on the RAM as if it were a kind of automatic draft, which allows to function more freely and quickly.

Also, the RAM is responsible for storing the instructions that are used for different devices we have incorporated into our computer, as well as instructions to run different applications installed.

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