The best free programs to optimize or repair Windows

The Windows users know well that you must always have an ace up your sleeve, because sometimes the operating system offers us some surprises. Not that Windows has a bad design, fortunately over the years and successive versions of the OS it´s the developers have remedied everything that caused errors to such an extent that currently Microsoft’s operating system is extremely stable and fluid.

But as mentioned, always something can happen, and the aim of this article is to present a number of applications that we can be extremely useful for when Windows it gets moody and stops working properly. Best of all is that the applications mentioned in this article, are totally free, i.e. freeware software, and although in some cases do not include all the features of the paid versions thereof, for the task in which we will use comply perfectly with its mission.

Windows optimize apps

What we will achieve with this software

All these tools enable us reliving a computer that has been infected by viruses or malwares and not booting, recover free space needed for the equipment to function properly, defragment a slow hard drive, manage compressed files and a complete listing all hardware installed on your machine in order to download and install its drivers in case something goes wrong.

Regards to the version of the Windows operating system installed on our PC, it should not be a problem because all the applications mentioned in this article are compatible with earlier and modern versions of the OS, including XP, Vista and Seven.

To consider

An important consideration to take before installing and using these programs is to create a system restore point, as this methodology will allow us to return to a previous instance in case something goes wrong with the operating system or some of the drivers.

Windows optimize apps

In this stage, the restore point system is a really useful when we manipulate files and operating system configurations, as all such recuperation or reparation programs tend to modify or eliminate significant amounts of data, and if not done properly, we can let to Windows unusable.

With this we are not saying that enhancing applications or system repair are dangerous, just that we must use them with caution.

The software


A classic repair system and one of the tools used by computer users around the world. Famous for its qualities, CCleaner has earned its reputation due to its powerful features, among which we mention the possibility of eliminating useless and unnecessary files that the system accumulates through its use, that only takes up space and slow down your system. This includes temporary files, cache browsers that have installed such as Opera or Firefox, Windows registry and much more.

Windows optimize apps

Another of the most important features of the application is cleaning cookies, can differentiate between useful cookies such as Google, Yahoo or Amazon of which only take up space.

If you wish, you can download CCleaner from this link.

PC Wizard

There is no doubt that if we need to obtain accurate and detailed of all the hardware and software we have installed on our PC, the solution is PC Wizard, a really practical and effective utility.

Of course the best feature of PC Wizard is that it is able to offer a detailed list of all hardware of our PC, but in addition also gives us the opportunity to observe the activity level of the mounted processors on our computer and many other data concerning to the restoring our system and other Windows services.

Windows optimize apps

If you wish, you can download PC Wizard from this link.


A utility designed for extreme cases. BootMed is a boot disk based on the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution that is designed to regain control of a PC with problems in the MBR or who is infected with a virus.

The first thing you need before you start is to clarify that BootMed is not an application for any user, because its use is somewhat difficult, but not impossible to use. If we have some patience, and of course knowledge about what we are doing, we can use it without problems.

BootMed provides a number of tools that will allow us to repair virtually any problem related to the startup of our PC, and it includes a partition manager, an application to remove malware and utilities to recover partitions and solve problems at the start of our PC.

Windows optimize apps

Best of the application, at least for less experienced users, is that the tools offered is an interface similar to a desktop user, which is less traumatic for them.

If you wish, you can download the application from this link.

Smart Defrag

Recently, and based on extensive tests carried out by specialists in the field, it was found that defragment the hard drive of our computer does not improve the performance of the PC as we thought, but still offers tremendous advantages used in other circumstances, such as in the case of accidental file deletion, since a well-ordered hard disk gives us a better chance when trying to recover.

Smart Defrag then becomes a highly recommended utility when it comes to maintaining a disk with a healthy structure, due to the powerful options offered, and among which are remarkable the possibility of a full defragmentation or defrag involving only locate files in more accessible places to the disk reading heads.

If you wish, you can download the application from this link.

Windows optimize apps


While WinRAR appears to be the undisputed leader in the file compression industry, this may well be given due to misinformation basic computer user, which downloads and installs the application without regard to be paid a license for its use, often led by ignorance about other applications that do the same as WinRAR but free.

In this sense, 7-Zip is a powerful tool capable of creating and unzipping compressed files, and also provides us with the ability to encrypt them with the AES method.

The main features of 7-Zip reside basically in full gratuity, speed and the large amount of compressed file formats it can handle.

Windows optimize apps

At this point, 7-Zip can compress and decompress files in 7z, XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ZIP and WIM format, while only can decompress files ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, CramFS type, DEB, DMG, FAT, HFS, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MBR, MSI, NSIS, NTFS, RAR, RPM, SquashFS, UDF, VHD, WIM, XAR and Z. No doubt a ubiquitous application in our arsenal.

If you wish, you can download the application from this link.

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