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iMesh: Listen and download music has never been easier

It is almost certain that the creators of iMesh even imagined back in 1999 that his creation would become one of the platforms for sharing music and video world’s most popular, and although it took more than a decade to get to this stage it enjoys today, the fact is that “Better late than never” as the saying goes, and did not disappear as so many other platforms and applications.

However, it is not just a matter of luck or fashion, as well as the application is well developed and offers very good features, its creators and executives had the happy idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcompromise with the institutions responsible for ensuring the Copyright, such RIAA, with which they reached an agreement, which allowed iMesh become the first platform of its kind “Approved by the RIAA” and 100% legal. In this article we will know what this magnificent player has to give.

How to use iMesh

Basically, iMesh is a software that allows, in addition to playing all kinds of content, exchange of audio, video or documents through a P2P network, more specifically a private network called “IM2Net” and stands out from the rest not only for its legal status, but also it offers many excellent features and functions, including the ability to discover and listen to new music, thanks to the aforementioned P2P network.

However, the most interesting point is that iMesh offers the possibility to create a user profile, with which we can keep in touch with friends through the chat network and share music with them.

How to install and download with iMesh

Before beginning, we must be clear that the program will try install a couple of search bars or similar crap, what can cancel very easily. To do this, all you have to do is click to clear the check boxes that refer to any external software to the application itself, in this case “Ask”. After this step, we can continue without problems or dangers.

How to use iMesh

User profile

After that, we’ll be able to create your user profile, we can do by following the instructions that gives us the system. Once completed with our photo, favorite colors and personal data, and we can terminate this step, we can access the main program window.

Through this profile we can add friends, chat with them and exchange all kinds of information and content, whether video or music. Note that the creation of this user profile to use the program, is not necessary.

iMesh interface

Once we get to the interface iMesh, we will find a really very slick and easy to use interface. Here are the different tabs arranged in which we find the options that allow us to hear music the way they please us.

How to use iMesh

In the first, the tab “Home”, will find every kind of music suggested by the system, organized by most popular artists. Very interesting if you want to hear good music varied.

On the second tab, “Library”, we find our collection of music, that is where we have stored on the hard disk of the PC, with which you can create playlists, among other tasks, however, the most interesting is we can easily synchronize with our Android, iPod device or MP3 player, just accessing to item “Device” on the left side of the application.

How to use iMesh

In the third tab of iMesh, “DJ”, we can easily create a custom playlist with our taste. It may do so entering the name of the band or song in the appropriate box, or select from the dropdown the appropriate category in a “Select a mood …” menu. After that, click the “Play” button and the system will provide us with a list of songs according to what we have chosen, which we see in the panel to the right of the interface, with the video or the album cover in question.

The fourth tab of the application is “People”, and here we found the necessary tools to get in contact with other people, with whom we can start a chat, for example, talk about new music or new artists. Note that to use this tab you need to register and create a user profile.

In the penultimate tab of iMesh we find an interesting tool which allows you to discover new music based on a certain state of mind, the best Spotify style. Here you can find lists of songs according to different moods, as for example “Election Day” to “Music for cooking,” but we can also find playlists more formal than contemplate the use of the name of the artist or genre musical to which they relate.

How to use iMesh

The most important function of iMesh

In the sixth tab we find what is perhaps the most important function of iMesh: content search. In this section we can find music more easily, because in the first instance offers the possibility of filtering by a drop menu, from which you can select between “Artist”, “Album” and “Title”.

After entering the search string, the system will direct us into a new window, where we find the most relevant albums, lists of the most popular songs and artists similar to that entered, which provides the perfect setting for the music listening experience by iMesh as pleasant as possible. Furthermore, if we are connected by our profile, we can also find the online fans of the artist, or your most popular ringtones, along with his most famous videos via YouTube.

How to use iMesh


IMesh is undoubtedly one of the best multimedia players in the current market, not only for its quality and stability, but also for the large amount of material that can be obtained through its use, which can also be downloaded to our computer to you can listen later. Also, the excellent synchronization feature allows us to enjoy our music on any device that we have, smoothly and simply plugging it into a USB port. Similarly, it also allows us to create a playlist and then burn it to a CD, one more than interesting for those who still use CD Players in the car or in the living room option.

Something to keep in mind is that iMesh operates the same way as any other P2P client, i.e. the more people share the same file, the quicker they will be downloaded to our PC, so it is not a bad idea to keep the songs downs as long as possible, so all users will benefit iMesh.

If you wish, you can download iMesh clicking on this link.