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Input devices: The mouse

The mouse is a device designed to be operated by hand by the user. It works by moving or dragging it on ​​a flat surface. These movements are transmitted to the computer through a cable or wirelessly, using various technologies such as laser and optical sensors.

The mouse operation is as simple as moving from one place to another in an area to the point you want to select. If the user drags the mouse to the right, this movement will be reproduced and represented on the monitor screen by a symbol (icon) that mimics the movement. In practical terms, the mouse is like an extension of your hand, which is “introduced” on the monitor screen of our computer.

Input Device The Mouse

The mouse movements are represented on the screen by an icon known as “pointer”. Generally the pointer is shaped like an arrow, but sometimes can assume other according to the program you are using or the function that is fulfilled. The pointer would be like the hand, which can select objects, take them, drag them, and execute programs and documents, among others.

In computing over time they have invented words to name and describe the actions that can be performed with the mouse. Following are the most important.

Input Device The Mouse

Slide or drag

This name was assigned to describe the action of moving the mouse in any direction on the surface of the pad.

Click or clicking

This denomination refers to the action of pressing and releasing with the index or middle finger, as appropriate, one of the mouse buttons (right or left). This word is used because somehow mimics the sound that occurs when pressing the buttons on the mouse.

Input Device The Mouse

Make Double Click

This curious name was assigned to refer to action of pressing and releasing, in quick succession, twice the left mouse button. This action is generally related to the function of activating a software application or open a file, folder or menu.