Notebook battery life

In the case of you do not want to interrupt a task we are doing in the notebook for lack of energy, it is necessary to pay attention to how the laptop battery is used. It is important to check in the device which is the effective length of battery.

If you spend hours working on the notebook, it is necessary that the battery has a duration of two or three hours. To know a little more, the capacity of a battery depends on two factors: the number of cells and the material it is made.

Laptop battery life tips

The user can find on the market batteries from 4 to 12 cells. The more cells, the greater the weight, but at the same time, the greater its duration. If you want to know even more, we recommend you to continue reading the article.

About 95% of the batteries found in the notebook market are made of lithium ion, are more compact and less aggressive to the environment. Ideally the user to change the battery of the notebook every two years, as they have a limited shelf life.

Some tips for a longer life of the battery

It is important that every 2 or 3 weeks before charging, use the battery do until completely exhausted.

Whenever possible you should use the notebook connected to the power outlet. From the time when the battery is charged, the notebook senses this and go on to use only electricity.

While this contradicts the tips that can be read in many blogs and Internet sites, which says that when we use the power supply plugged into the laptop, it is better to remove the battery to extend its life.

Laptop battery life tips

If you want to know more about the characteristics of rechargeable batteries, we suggest reading this article.

As we know, the operating system of the notebooks have different profiles settings energy consumption. With the correct choice of one of these profiles, we will make the battery life of the notebook is noticeably longer.

In the case that the Wi-Fi sensors are not used, you have to turn it off. A wireless network adapter sensor power on, will make this consumes power constantly. In the same way for the Bluetooth or infrared ports.

Optimize the screen. The monitor of the notebooks is one of the devices higher incidence on the duration of the battery charge. That is why we must adjust the brightness with the lowest possible intensity. Another good resource is to use a dark desktop wallpaper, the darker it is, the less energy it will consume.

Laptop battery life tips

If the notebook is connected to any type of PCMCIA card and not in use, it should remove it as it consumes battery power.

Also, and logically, the greater number of programs are running at a time, more work has the processor and therefore more amount of energy consumed. It is advisable to optimize the applications that are loaded when you start Windows, and of course, try to run few programs simultaneously.

Another problem are the spywares, software that use too many resources. You need to keep the notebook clean from spy programs, because this type of malicious programs are constantly running, with the consequent battery drain.

Laptop battery life tips

Avoid using applications that use the CD or DVD. These devices have a high energy consumption and if we want the battery life is as long as possible, we must try to download as much as possible using the net connection, when it comes to getting drivers and software.

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