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Free programs to communicate with other PCs on a network

As we know, the ability to communicate instantly and seamlessly with whom we want is a prerequisite for any business or company wishing to follow in lucratively activity. The loss of time and money which means isolation is one of the factors that play against the needs of our company. This article presents four tools that will help us keep in touch with all staff through the local network without using the Internet.

For that the isolation generate unwanted costs or loss of time, not necessarily a company has to have many employees or resources, is enough that more than one person is working in the same place to require a form of constant communication between them.

Free lan messengers

In the this article, we will offer three free messaging LAN apps with which we can make instant chats with all computers that form the local network, and best of all is that an Internet connection is not necessary.

The software known as LAN Messengers are applications or utilities that allow us have a conversation over the Local Area Network (LAN) from office or even home, even without using a network connection to Internet.

While there are many applications of this type available on the market, the fact is that not they all meet the set of requirements necessary to be carried out with flexibility and ease the task entrusted. That is why in this article we have selected those that our opinion are the best applications of its kind, and offering everything needed to accomplish the task without problems.

CD Messenger

CD Messenger is a popular LAN Messenger that allows us to perform chat in the office or workplace. CD Messenger also offers a large and interesting group of functionality, such as messaging in conference or in group, preparation of sticky notes, administrative control, and also provides a robust system for that our communications are always secure, among many other useful features.

Free lan messengers

Here is a basic list of features offered by this excellent LAN Messenger.

  • Simple to set up, implement and use
  • Function chat room conference between members of the company
  • Ability to connect also with family and friends using an Internet connection
  • Broadcasting of fully configurable messages
  • Built-in Spell Checker
  • Ability to customize the appearance of fonts
  • Ability to disable the social chat easily based on instant messaging
  • Multiple level controls
  • Ability to provide file transfer services


If you want, you can download this program LAN messaging by clicking this link.


Although a little outdated, remains one of the most interesting applications of this list. With an air that reminds us immediately to Windows Live Messenger, Squiggle is a free and open source application developed to communicate via LAN. Squiggle also works in peer-to-peer (P2P) mode, and therefore do not need keep a PC permanently dedicated to a server mode to provide this service.

Free lan messengers

One of its best features is undoubtedly the aspect of its interface, very successful and all its functions at our fingertips.

Some other notable features of the application are:

  • No dedicated server, since the peer-to-peer mode is used
  • There is no need to install the product for operation
  • Group chat
  • Possibility of message broadcast chat
  • Ability private chat
  • Option Bridge to connect two LANs or WANs across subnets.
  • Ability to transfer files
  • Spelling checker
  • Sound and icon notifications as Buzz, emoticons, audio alerts, Popups
  • Chat history and history of storable state

Notably that to use Squiggle, we have to be installed NET Framework 3.5.

If you wish, you can download this program LAN messaging by clicking in this link.


This simple application will help us with the task of conducting talks through the LAN network easily and without complications of any kind. This is because it is simple, but very practical, and its interface is very easy to operate, which determines that Tonic is one of the most understandable of the applications that we evaluated in this article.

Free lan messengers

Tonic bases its operation mode peer-to-peer, similar to that used by major programs to share content over the Internet as eMule or Ares. This feature allows that not necessary to use a dedicated server, so we can save costs and simplifying the operation of system.

In the list below we can see some of the best features of this LAN messaging software:

  • Easy to use
  • There is no need for server
  • Automatic search for users within the network
  • Use of the availability states as “Busy” and other
  • User Avatars support
  • Support File Transfer
  • Chat history storage
  • Announce Mode

Without downplaying other LAN messaging applications evaluated in this article, Tonic is definitely the most comprehensive program we can use for this task, packed with features and options that will be very useful.

If you wish, you can download this software on this link.

Lan Messenger

LAN Messenger is a free and open source cross-platform instant messaging app for chat and file transfer over a local network (LAN). Undoubtedly the best feature offered is that it does not require server because its operation is based on the P2P system.

A number of useful features Including event notifications, file transfer and message logging are provided. Also Lan Messenger supports platforms such Windows, Mac and Linux, so the program can be availed in those LANs where computers coexist with the aforementioned operating systems.

Some of the most important features of Lan Messenger are:

  • Connect and chat with users on your network.
  • Secure messaging for privacy
  • All messages are protected by AES encryption with RSA as the key exchange mechanism.
  • Broadcast messages
  • Send notifications to all users or specified users.
  • File transfer
  • Exchange files with others easily.
  • Organize contacts
  • Arrange your contacts into groups for easier management.
  • Message logging
  • Past conversations are logged and can be retrieved at any time.
  • A server does not need to be set up on the network for LAN Messenger to work.
  • No internet connection required

Free lan messengers

It should be noted that all features of Lan Messenger are supported on Windows, Mac and Linux. The interface is fully integrated with the native environment of each platform. Undoubtedly, one of the most complex applications of its kind.

If you wish, you can download by clicking on this link.


Here which in our view are the applications that meet all the features and functions that should have any software for messaging through a Local Area Network (LAN).

We believe that these programs will succeed pass any aptitude test to which they are subjected, for performance and options, but also because they are free applications, except the first option, a point to be considered if our network is composed of many PCs

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