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The best shortcuts for Microsoft Word

Currently, any help that we have to perform our tasks faster, is always welcome. For obtain more efficiency is a good idea think about acquiring more hardware capable such as faster RAM and processors with more cores, but we should never underestimate the power of keyboard shortcuts.

As we know, a shortcut is a combination of keys that are if pressed all together, perform an action which otherwise should be accessed using the mouse. This means that with a key combination we get a higher speed. If the shortcut is often used, it is very easy to remember the key combination.

Word shortcuts

Unfortunately, despite its usefulness, often the mouse plays against us, delaying our work. That is why in this article, find the best shortcuts for use with Microsoft Word.

The keys used in these combinations are the “normal” keys on the keyboard with some “special” keys.

Ctrl + A: Open a document

Ctrl + R: Close a document

Ctrl + U: Create a new document of the same type as the current

Ctrl + Shift + C: Copy text format

Ctrl + Shift + F: Change the font

Ctrl + Shift + M: Change the font size

Ctrl + Shift + P: Underline words but not spaces

Ctrl + Shift + R: Remove the left indent a paragraph

Ctrl + Shift + U: Converts characters to uppercase

Ctrl + F3: Cut to Paste Special

Ctrl + Alt + F12: Displays the open command

Ctrl + Alt + Page Up: Move to the top of the window

Ctrl + Alt + Page Up: Move to the bottom of the page

Word shortcuts

Ctrl + Shift + F3: Inserts the contents from Paste Special

Ctrl + Shift + F6: Go to the previous window

Ctrl + Shift + F7: Update linked information in a source document

Ctrl + Shift + F8: Extend a selection or block

Ctrl + Shift + F10: Displays the rule

Ctrl + Shift + F12: Displays the window print

Ctrl + F2: Choose the preview command

Ctrl + F4: Close the window

Ctrl + F5: Restore the size of the document window

Ctrl + F6: Go to the next document window

Ctrl + F10: Maximize the document window

Alt + F7: Find the next misspelling or grammatical

Alt + F10: Maximize the program window

Ctrl + Alt + T: Insert the trademark symbol

Alt + Shift + F2: Displays the save

Ctrl + Alt + A: Opens a document

Alt + Ctrl + D: Switch to print layout view

Ctrl + Alt + E: Switches to outline view

Alt + Ctrl + I: Enables or disables the preview

Alt + Ctrl + N: Switch to normal view

Alt + Ctrl + O: Insert a footnote

Ctrl + Alt + R: Inserts the registered trademark symbol

F4: Repeat the last action

F7: Choose the Spelling command and start the verification

Shift + F2: Copy text

Shift + F3: Change case sensitive

Shift + F4: Repeat action or Go Search

Shift + F7: Choose the Thesaurus command

Shift + F8: Reduce a selection