What is an Intranet and what is it?

Computer networks called Intranet, are basically a network of computers like internet, but for the exclusive use of a particular organization, i.e. only computers of the organization that created the intranet can access.

Nowadays, internal communication (between departments) and external (customers and suppliers) is very important for all businesses. And the intranet is a tool that can help in communication, and what is best, at a low cost.

What is Intranet

This technology enables communication of a department with all employees of the company. Within a company all departments have some type of information to be transmitted to other departments or directly with employees.

What use the intranet?

Nothing better than a few examples to understand the power that can have an intranet in an organization:

  • The IT department offers all employees a new support system
  • Marketing department shares information about promotions company, brand advertising
  • The personnel department makes available forms of address changes, vacation planning
  • The HR department announces internal places available
  • Finance allows through a web system, other departments report travel expenses

These are just some examples of use of an intranet. Each department manager will be responsible for operating the company intranet, publishing useful information for its employees.

What is Intranet

The intranet is one of the best communication vehicles to improve communication within a company. The evolution of an intranet is to offer some of these services to customers and suppliers of the company, to be renamed extranet.

An intranet must be designed according to the needs of the company or organization (types of services to be implemented). Therefore, the intranet should not be designed only for the IT staff of the company, but according to a project that takes into account the needs of all the constituent parts of the company.

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