What IMEI is, and what it is used for?

Most likely we have more than once heard of something called IMEI, related to the world of cell phones and identity. Knowing its meaning, what function it fulfills in our smartphone, and what for can useful being the IMEI is very important, since through it can save us of all sorts of problems related to theft and loss.

Each new cell phone that is manufactured in the world has a number that identifies it, this is the IMEI, a code associated with our cell phone that accompanies it until recycling. Due to the large number of cell phones that are stolen daily, today it is essential to know exactly how to use it and keep it safe.

What IMEI is

What does the word IMEI?

The IMEI acronym comes from “International Mobile Equipment Identity”, and its purpose is to provide the cell phone a unique identity worldwide. This number can easily be seen in the box when we buy a new phone, or in the case of used phones, the IMEI can be found in the battery compartment, just below it.

Technically, an IMEI number consists of 14 digits plus an additional digit for the purpose of verification. These numbers are divided into four parts:

TAC (Type Allocation Code): Comprising the first 6 digits

Final Assembly Code (FAC): The next two digits indicate the equipment manufacturer.

Serial Number: The following six digits

Verifier Code: The last digit. Used to verify if the IMEI is correct.

What IMEI is

The purpose of the implementation of IMEI in cell phone equipment goes beyond simple identification, since can be also used for blocking access to communication networks to a phones whose number is found in the so-called “blacklists”. That is why in case we steal the phone, the first thing we have to do is notify our operator, for them to immediately block access to the network of our device.

Finding the IMEI on our phone or smartphone

Fortunately, in most cases, find the IMEI of a cell phone is a simple task, because usually this number is obtained by pressing * # 06 # on the device keypad.

Today, with the rise of smartphones, you can also find them in various ways, depending on the manufacturer of the smartphone. In the case of a phone with the Apple iOS system, we can find the IMEI in the menu “Settings> General> About”. In the case of Android, we can find in the “Settings” menu in “About phone”.

What IMEI is


As we saw, the importance of the IMEI number of a mobile phone or smartphone should not be underestimated, since the case of being victims of theft or loss of the cell phone, the IMEI can be of much use immediately to block a line, which will prevent have to pay expenses if the device is used to call. That is why it is essential to take note of the IMEI and protect it to avoid future complications.