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Download free and legal music

From the web projects to which we want add sounds, or software applications that requires certain audios, or any type of audiovisual entrepreneurship, including add background music for an video to upload to YouTube, we can now have a vast library of audio files free and free distribution.

To avoid legal problems, nothing better that using free audiovisual content in our projects. Meet here the most important sites where to easily find this type of material. We must avoid infringing copyright, in order to spread our personal material without drawbacks. Therefore, nothing better than to use free licensed music tracks that can be incorporated into our projects completely legal way.

Download legal and free music

Here we detail some of the main online platforms that offer music with free licenses, which in turn were supplied by the authors.

Stock Music Boutique

One of the web services of this type is more interesting Stock Music Boutique, which is an online market of musical compositions.

While the available material is not entirely free, the truth is that the values that are managed to acquire this songs are really affordable.

However, it also has a section where we can find free files, which can even be used for commercial purposes.

Download legal and free music

Download free legal music with Stock Music Boutique

If you wish, you can visit the site by clicking on this link.


Another option is Jamendo, which currently has an important musical offer, which exceeds 100 thousand songs. The downside is that there is a free service, but must subscribe and pay a fixed amount per month or year to access the content. However, the values are reasonable.

Download legal and free music

Download free legal music with Jamendo

If you wish, you can visit the site by clicking on this link.


But if you are looking it is free music, the ideal site is Dig.ccmixter. The service has a search engine through which we can filter the results by differentiating the type of license of each song.

Note that this site is ideal for operators and radio dj’s who need an excellent bank music to create radio spots and separators, since as well as being very well categorized, offers hundreds of thousands songs and free themes that can be reused without any kind of questioning.

If yours is the radio, then ccMixer is the ideal choice.

Download legal and free music

If you wish, you can visit the site by clicking on this link.

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How to download songs from Spotify free

For some time already, the computers and portable devices have become true entertainment centers, and for example today we can enjoy all our favorite music through our desktop computer, your smartphone or tablet, anywhere, anytime, and best of all is that not always need to have large storage space to lay up all the music.

This is due mainly, to the hundreds of apps and online services available to PCs and Android devices, through which we can access so online to songs, albums and even entire discographies of our favorite artists, and in many cases without investing any money.

How to download Spotify music

Such is the case of Spotify, one of the most prominent apps of this type, currently used by millions of people worldwide, especially by Android users, as it is a truly inexhaustible source of free music streaming. To learn more about to download free music from Spotify, we invite you to read the whole article.

One of the most important advantages possessed by the application, and the reason which is the most chosen software by millions of users worldwide, is that we can create playlists to our liking, and gives us the opportunity to save our user account to enjoy it when we want.

Of course this will only be possible when we have an Internet connection available, unless we are willing to pay a few dollars for a premium membership, which allow us to enjoy all the music without being connected to the Internet.

How to download Spotify music

Another disadvantage could say is that these songs can only be played back through Spotify, i.e. cannot hear out of the application because the service provided does not include downloading them.

However there is a procedure that can be used to download and save some songs from Spotify on our PC, which is available under these paragraphs:

Step 1: The first thing we’ll do is launch the web browser that we always use.

Step 2: Then we go to this link, where you can access a free online audio recorder, developed by Apowersoft.

Step 3: Once there click on the button to download the desktop version of the program, i.e. “Download Desktop Version”.

How to download Spotify music

Step 4: Once the application has been downloaded, install it in the same way we do with the rest of the software, i.e. “Next”, “Next” and “Finish”.

Step 5: Once the app is started, we can see that offers different options to start recording, pause, edit, play and more.

Step 6: Start Spotify and then we seek the song that we want to download, and while reproduce the song, what we do is burn it with the audio recorder we have installed. We just click the “Start” button to start recording, and then click the “Pause” button to stop recording.

How to download Spotify music

Step 7: Note that the program automatically stores the recorded audio, which can then find a folder under “Streaming Audio Recording” under “My Documents” or “Documents”, depending on the version of Windows that have installed, which can be accessed by clicking the right button mouse over the recorded file to display the menu options on the file, and where we select “Open Containing folder”.

How to download Spotify music

From now on we can play that song with our favorite music player, and to have it available off the shelf Spotify to listen even when you do not have Internet access, in addition to transfer these songs to our portable devices.