The history of social networks

For many people, social networks are a modern service with little history on the web. This view is mainly due to the massification of social networks began a few years ago, but the truth is that networks like Facebook carry more than one decades offering its services.

After all these years, social interaction networks have become one of the most widespread Internet elements, and also one of the most used, because as offer users a common place to develop constant communications.

Social networks history

This is possible because users can not only use the service through your personal computer, but also in recent times you can participate in this type of community through a variety of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops, which is leading the new trend in communication.

But in reality, when the first social network was born?

It is estimated that the origin of interactive networks back to the year 1995. Consider that was at that time when Internet was becoming a tool for mass use.

Randy Conrads was the true pioneer of the service, by creating the website that bore the name “Classmates” and which consisted of a social network that offered the possibility that people around the world could recover or continue to maintain contact with his old friends, whether classmates, college, different work environments and others, in the midst of a totally globalized world. Obviously, this was made possible by the advent of Web 2.0, which ultimately is a system that has a clear social orientation.

Social networks history

Over the years, this type of service became one of the most profitable Internet business, so in the early part of the 2000s began to appear a variety of social networks dedicated to providing the possibility of a fluid communication between users who used it.

With the addition of this new concept, it was possible to define in a real context the different relationships that were established between the various participants who consume the services of virtual communities.

The biggest explosion of social networks soon appeared, since in 2003 saw the light some of the most popular sites that make to grow exponentially the service usage, communities such as MySpace, Friendster, Tribe and Xing, among others.

Social networks history

These sites were pioneers who achieved that social networks were expanded to become what they are today, attracting attention of billions of users around the globe.

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What is and how it works SoundCloud?

As we know, social networks currently occupy a more prominent place in the preferences of people when communicating with others. This is demonstrably just checking the number of users that have sites Facebook or G + how, just to name a few examples.

Musicians, like all other mortals, could not escape this trend, and that is why born SoundCloud, wich is a social network aimed primarily at composers and interpreters, so that they can spread their music through channels.


Through SoundCloud it is impossible to show works in progress, or accept suggestions, as in the case of other similar sites as Start My Song or Songpull, but the idea is to spread the finished work, ready to be heard, for example, in a radio. The main objective is simply to promote the music, without having to use for this download sites like 4shared, Megaupload, Dropbox, Google Drive or others.

What is and how it works SoundCloud?

How to use SoundCloud

All you have to do the musician who want to broadcast their music is create an SoundCloud account, upload your song and then send it through a link to anyone.

This link, when it is opened by the recipient, is shown as a player, so just press the “Play” button to hear the song. The player showing SoundCloud is so simple that even has volume control, but you can stop playback or skip to the next track.

What is and how it works SoundCloud?

It should be noted that at the time the song starts playing, the people who are listening can leave a comment.

Given that the aim is to offer music to be sold, you may incorporate many facts and features of the song or the band. The contacts of each user can leave comments with a mark that indicates when the play has been performed and thus know exactly which part of the song is referring. Comments can be used to improve a certain section of it, and very easily.

What is and how it works SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is also a social player, since it is possible to insert websites or profiles from different social networks. Thus, each time the SoundCloud profile is updated either adding or removing music, all linked sites will be updated simultaneously and automatically.

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Download Skype Free

There are many messaging applications on the market today, each with their respective qualities and characteristics, but at this point, there is no doubt that Skype is one of the best applications Voip the world, perhaps even the best, and this is not the result of fads or chance, but by constant work by its developers for providing a product high quality and excellent features.

While Skype began his career in the hands of a Danish engineer surnamed Friis and another Swede named Zennström, both with plenty of experience in creating software based on P2P like Kazaa, the truth is that now Skype is owned by Microsoft, but despite the angry protests of a certain group of users who sensed that the application would lose its essence or part of their qualities in that sale, the truth is that Skype has not stopped improving.

In this article we will find a wealth of information about how to use Skype and take advantage of their functions.

Download Skype free

Skype is a Voice Over IP software that offers the ability to connect via chat, in addition to voice or video call for free, with individuals or companies anywhere in the world where these are, always that they are registered Skype users.

Besides the possibility to communicate with Skype users for free, we are also in a position to communicate with landlines or cell phones anywhere in the world, paying for this type of communication a really reduced tariff, obviously depending on geographic location.

As mentioned, Skype was developed in 2003 by the creators of Kazaa, uses P2P technology, the same as the popular download managers like Ares or eMule, allowing you to achieve the flexibility, sound quality and fluidity that Skype has.

Download Skype free

Despite the significant amount of competition you have Skype on the market, the fact is that its qualities kept away from most of those programs. And we’re not talking about programs developed in a garage, we are talking about designs behind which are large companies and millions of dollars. Among these we can include Google Hangouts, Tuenti, Viber, Apple Messages and other important programs.

Over the years, and the arrival to the market of new electronic gadgets such as tablets, smartphones, hybrids and others, Skype has adapted to new trends, developing Skype versions that allow users of other platforms other than Windows to use their services.

That is why we can now find a version of Skype for virtually any device. From smartphones with Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone or Android, PSP, Xbox, TV, Amazon Kindle and Android tablets or iPads, including PC versions for the most popular operating systems such as Linux or Mac OS.

This allows the user to Skype flexibility for unexpected communications a few years ago only. Currently, Skype users can communicate regardless of location, at any time and with excellent quality.

Download Skype free

Skype and Facebook

Facebook is the world’s leading social network, and Skype the most widespread VoIP communications service. How could it be otherwise, Skype also incorporates the support to display Facebook updates, but also provides the interesting possibility to send instant messages, check the wall, update our status and make video calls with our contacts and Facebook friends directly from the Skype interface, i.e. without using any external tool.

Other Skype services

In addition to this option, Skype also offers other very notable features, such the ability to transfer files, messaging, conferencing, video calling HD, screen sharing, and many other practical features and which can have a direct link with the world.

Download Skype free

Home screen

This is the starting point for all operations that can be performed with Skype, because from here you can see all lost calls or chat messages, among other things. You can get an idea of ​​how many contacts are online and instantly, the state of the subscribed services.

Making an Internet call

To call someone with Skype, you just have to find the person in the contact list and click the big green button.

Talking on the Internet

The sound of conversations with other Skype users is perfect, and many feel it is as good as having the other person next door. When you no longer want to talk more, simply click on the red button to cut.

Making conference calls over the Internet

Skype capability goes far beyond simply communicating two people anywhere where they are, and regardless of the type of device you are using. You can participate in conference calls with up to 4 people more and they can all talk to each other at the same time.

Download Skype free

Call regular phones via the Internet

With Skype, you can call other people, even if they do not have a PC. For this SkypeOut, which allows calls to any number in the world paying the lowest fares is used.

Transfer files

Do you need to send to client an important document? Do you share an image from the Internet? With Skype all this is really simple. Just send it by file transfer Skype. It is safe and is encrypted as everything else you do with Skype, and can transport files of any size.

Messaging chat

With Skype, you can write instead of talk. The Skype chat messages are the best way to have text conversations and to send those long Internet links or phone numbers.

Download Skype free

Download Skype Now!

Clicking on this link, you can download the latest version of Skype, directly from the official site. You will not need to enter any code or make any record of personal data. In this sense, all you need is an account of Microsoft.