The best programs for downloading music and video

Long ago, Napster was the most famous P2P (peer-to-peer) software to download MP3. This allowed that music would spread in an impressive manner, but without the owners of the rights of those songs were able to obtain a penny of these download.

This obviously angered many, and as everyone knows, the party did not last long, thanks to Metallica and the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), the Napster makers were arrested, then the site was purchased by another company and then finished disappearing.

Software to download music and videos

And your users? To where they migrated? That program began to use? Who carries the P2P flag today?

Today the heirs of Napster are:


Unlike other programs, those who use BitTorrent transfer protocol does not necessarily need a network. This is due to the fact that for a transfer, the only thing you should do is create a “torrent” file with information about the file and send the coordinates of the computer.

Because of the ease of distribution provided by the BitTorrent protocol, other websites were created in order to facilitate the exchange of files through a “stock” file “torrent”.

Software to download music and videos

If you wish, you can download BitTorrent for free clicking on this link.

Wireshare: from the ashes of Limewire

When Limewire was shut down because of legal problems, many users felt worried, but fortunately, emerged from the ashes alternatives such as LimeWire Pirate Edition and WireShare, the latter being one of the few heirs of LimeWire that is still in development and use.

Wireshare is a lightweight software, and simple to use, without complicated configurations, showing only a small guide with some questions on his first run. The interface is simple and shows their options well distributed, without offering any difficulty for the user.

To find what you are looking for, you need only enter the name or a keyword that identifies it clearly. From this point, will be displayed on the screen the most reliable and faster results. Then it only remains select what you want and start downloading.

Software to download music and videos

If you wish, you can download Wireshare for free clicking on this link.


Inspired by eDonkey, the application was developed including the best of his inspiration and trying to improve its defects and problems. The biggest difference of Emule regarding other programs of the same type is the amount of results returned in their searches.

The large amount of their search results is due to the fact that eMule can be freely connected to dozens of networks of exchange, generating more results than other programs. Therefore, users who are always seeking rare content prefer Emule.

Software to download music and videos

Its interface is very simple to use, without causing any trouble finding its main tools. The only problem with the application is the need for advanced knowledge in the port settings on the router to resolve problems connecting to servers.

If you wish, you can download Emule for free clicking on this link.

Ares Galaxy

Although it is the newest of the applications mentioned in this article, Ares has nothing to envy to any other app of its kind. It is a very thin software, and are able to find lots of music files and video, besides having a good download speed.

One of the most important differences is the presence of a complete media player embedded in the software. This lets you watch videos or listen to downloaded music even before the download is complete. With this feature, misleading downloads and fakes can be avoided.

Software to download music and videos

If you wish, you can download Ares for free clicking on this link.


Shareaza is one of the exchange programs most popular files today. Through Shareaza you can download the files you want, such as music, videos, photos, ebooks, etc. One of the strengths of the program is that it uses the power of different P2P networks so you can enjoy a good speed when downloading your files without the need to wait several hours to download a video.

The application has an integrated system to prevent corrupt or incomplete download files. This means that it will repair damaged files before it finishes downloading. Besides, with the program’s own network, Gnutella 2, you’ll find files with higher chances of successful outcomes. You can even narrow down your search using the filters of the application; music, videos, books, images, software, file, source-code, presentations and torrents files.

Software to download music and videos

If you wish, you can download Shareaza for free clicking on this link.

Security P2P downloads

Even when it is so fun and easy to download content through P2P networks, we must always take some precautions.

Over the years, the downloads through such software have always brought all sorts of problems, most of them related to security and computer virus infection.

To keep us safe, nothing better than to follow the following tips explain below.

  • Keep your antivirus, antispyware and firewall updated and configured correctly.
  • Each time a file is downloaded, consider analyze it manually with a good antivirus software.
  • An excellent idea that can save us many headaches is check the file extension. Files with extensions .com, .scr and .exe in most cases, unless you are downloading software, are indicative of malicious code, so we must be extremely cautious handling.
  • When configuring the program so that others can take content from us, make sure and do not forget check if we have personal content in the folder you are sharing.
  • Another of the most important points to consider are the copyright. That is why we must always ensure that the materials we are downloading is completely free and open, and that has no restriction for download, since we could be violating one or more laws, depending on the country where they dwell.

LimeWire Pirate Edition: From the ashes of LimeWire

LimeWire was one of the best applications to download music, and in this article we will know all the features and functionality of its direct heir, LimeWire Pirate Edition, a new instance of the original LimeWire project, which respects each of the functions and features incorporated that legendary software.

LimeWire always stood out above software competition because of two fundamental characteristics for an application download is all that has to be: Simplicity and speed. In addition, the learning curve is really short, after a short time everybody could use perfectly the hundreds of tools that it incorporated.

LimeWire pirate edition

LimeWire Pirate Edition

As the Phoenix, LimeWire rose from the ashes and went on to the hand of a project based on its source code. Known as LWPE, the full name of the application is LimeWire Pirate Edition.

LimeWire Pirate Edition, like LimeWire, offers a full range of features and functionality that will allow us to enjoy the experience of downloading content from the World Wide Web. Moreover, this new development incorporated some options previously only included the Pro version program, as known as Turbo Charged Connection.

Likewise, besides a large number of changes were made to eliminate any adware incorporating the software, including any calls to the LimeWire original servers, and removed, in the source code, any remote function still present.

LimeWire pirate edition

Developers are currently working hard to make the application continues in constant development, and they offer the same options as their ancestor, incredible speed and flexibility, achievements that LimeWire knew procure over the years. After reaching this goal, LimeWire Pirate Edition surely shine, and will become an excellent alternative to other P2P download programs.

Simple and powerful

For those who have not yet used LimeWire Pirate Edition, enough to say that is one of the best P2P downloads managers to download all kinds of material, whether video, audio, images or other content, and according to the many thousands of people who use LimeWire, it is far superior to alternatives such as eMule or Ares.

LimeWire pirate edition

One of the highlights of LimeWire Pirate Edition is undoubtedly its simplicity of use. From the moment that run the application, we will find a simple but effective interface, where we can find all the necessary tools to manage our downloads.

Fortunately for users who are just starting in Internet downloads, this interface will be very understandable, and also includes a number of interesting features like a built-in browser, which allows to LimeWire users surf the Internet without leaving the interface LimeWire.

Undoubtedly LimeWire Pirate Edition is a worthy successor to LimeWire that will allow us to manage downloads through P2P networks easily, quickly and conveniently way.

LimeWire pirate edition

If you wish, you can download LimeWire Pirate Edition clicking on this link.