What is a Wi-Fi router?

Most likely is that more than once we have observed with the corner of his eye that little box that is close to our PC, whose lights constantly blink to creating the magic that allows us to enjoy internet throughout the house wirelessly via a Wi Fi connection. That box, as we all know is a router. Except that most do not really know what function fulfills this device.

Basically, a router is a device used to distribute Internet signal among all local computers networked either via Ethernet through a cable, or by means of technology of Wi-Fi radio waves, causing the network is characterized by being wireless.

What is Wi-Fi router

By and large, both types of networks have advantages and disadvantages, but the fact is that most users often opt for wireless networks, mainly because they tend to be less expensive and easier to configure because it does not require tedious cable connections between the PCs and the router.

Of course, to use the Internet on computers that are part of the wireless network, the router also will require a modem. Through the modem, the Internet signal is received, so the wireless router must be connected to the modem to provide Internet access to the entire network.

However, it notes that in the current market there are also wireless routers have a built-in modem, which can be an excellent choice if we want to reduce the number of devices.

What is Wi-Fi router

In this regard, to make a good choice, before choosing a wireless router with built-in modem, we must know exactly the kind of Internet access that we have, if is cable type or if it is a DSL connection, because they are different technologies, and each works differently, and based on this data, choose the correct type of modem.

Another important point to note, as we mentioned above, is that the wireless routers operate using radio waves, which propagate in a circular pattern, i.e. start from the router and spread by the outside thereof. That is why it becomes important fact to take into account the signal strength and speed that can reach the device, because the stronger the signal, the better the connection.

What is Wi-Fi router

Neither we must forget that for this process to work, each desktop PCs, laptops and devices generally must have their own wireless Wi-Fi card inside, and if not we add an external portable device Wi- Fi that supports the same protocol as your wireless router.

What is a wireless USB Router?

When speaking of USB router, this term refers to devices that are used to share an Internet connection among multiple computers broadband, and are primarily designed to be used when a computer does not have an available Ethernet connection.

But the term “router USB” is also often used to refer to a device that connects to a PC that is connected to the Internet and share the connection with other machines wirelessly. This type of connection is known as an ad-hoc connection.

What is Wi-Fi router

Importantly, this type of configuration that requires an ad-hoc connection is much less flexible than the traditional with router, since it needs that the main computer is always on and connected to the Internet at all times to make the network work, because when the main computer is off, the other machines cannot access the connection.

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