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Download free and legal music

From the web projects to which we want add sounds, or software applications that requires certain audios, or any type of audiovisual entrepreneurship, including add background music for an video to upload to YouTube, we can now have a vast library of audio files free and free distribution.

To avoid legal problems, nothing better that using free audiovisual content in our projects. Meet here the most important sites where to easily find this type of material. We must avoid infringing copyright, in order to spread our personal material without drawbacks. Therefore, nothing better than to use free licensed music tracks that can be incorporated into our projects completely legal way.

Download legal and free music

Here we detail some of the main online platforms that offer music with free licenses, which in turn were supplied by the authors.

Stock Music Boutique

One of the web services of this type is more interesting Stock Music Boutique, which is an online market of musical compositions.

While the available material is not entirely free, the truth is that the values that are managed to acquire this songs are really affordable.

However, it also has a section where we can find free files, which can even be used for commercial purposes.

Download legal and free music

Download free legal music with Stock Music Boutique

If you wish, you can visit the site by clicking on this link.


Another option is Jamendo, which currently has an important musical offer, which exceeds 100 thousand songs. The downside is that there is a free service, but must subscribe and pay a fixed amount per month or year to access the content. However, the values are reasonable.

Download legal and free music

Download free legal music with Jamendo

If you wish, you can visit the site by clicking on this link.


But if you are looking it is free music, the ideal site is Dig.ccmixter. The service has a search engine through which we can filter the results by differentiating the type of license of each song.

Note that this site is ideal for operators and radio dj’s who need an excellent bank music to create radio spots and separators, since as well as being very well categorized, offers hundreds of thousands songs and free themes that can be reused without any kind of questioning.

If yours is the radio, then ccMixer is the ideal choice.

Download legal and free music

If you wish, you can visit the site by clicking on this link.

Have you ever used any of these services? If you want to recommend somewhere else, you can do so at the end of this article.

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The best programs for downloading music and video

Long ago, Napster was the most famous P2P (peer-to-peer) software to download MP3. This allowed that music would spread in an impressive manner, but without the owners of the rights of those songs were able to obtain a penny of these download.

This obviously angered many, and as everyone knows, the party did not last long, thanks to Metallica and the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), the Napster makers were arrested, then the site was purchased by another company and then finished disappearing.

Software to download music and videos

And your users? To where they migrated? That program began to use? Who carries the P2P flag today?

Today the heirs of Napster are:


Unlike other programs, those who use BitTorrent transfer protocol does not necessarily need a network. This is due to the fact that for a transfer, the only thing you should do is create a “torrent” file with information about the file and send the coordinates of the computer.

Because of the ease of distribution provided by the BitTorrent protocol, other websites were created in order to facilitate the exchange of files through a “stock” file “torrent”.

Software to download music and videos

If you wish, you can download BitTorrent for free clicking on this link.

Wireshare: from the ashes of Limewire

When Limewire was shut down because of legal problems, many users felt worried, but fortunately, emerged from the ashes alternatives such as LimeWire Pirate Edition and WireShare, the latter being one of the few heirs of LimeWire that is still in development and use.

Wireshare is a lightweight software, and simple to use, without complicated configurations, showing only a small guide with some questions on his first run. The interface is simple and shows their options well distributed, without offering any difficulty for the user.

To find what you are looking for, you need only enter the name or a keyword that identifies it clearly. From this point, will be displayed on the screen the most reliable and faster results. Then it only remains select what you want and start downloading.

Software to download music and videos

If you wish, you can download Wireshare for free clicking on this link.


Inspired by eDonkey, the application was developed including the best of his inspiration and trying to improve its defects and problems. The biggest difference of Emule regarding other programs of the same type is the amount of results returned in their searches.

The large amount of their search results is due to the fact that eMule can be freely connected to dozens of networks of exchange, generating more results than other programs. Therefore, users who are always seeking rare content prefer Emule.

Software to download music and videos

Its interface is very simple to use, without causing any trouble finding its main tools. The only problem with the application is the need for advanced knowledge in the port settings on the router to resolve problems connecting to servers.

If you wish, you can download Emule for free clicking on this link.

Ares Galaxy

Although it is the newest of the applications mentioned in this article, Ares has nothing to envy to any other app of its kind. It is a very thin software, and are able to find lots of music files and video, besides having a good download speed.

One of the most important differences is the presence of a complete media player embedded in the software. This lets you watch videos or listen to downloaded music even before the download is complete. With this feature, misleading downloads and fakes can be avoided.

Software to download music and videos

If you wish, you can download Ares for free clicking on this link.


Shareaza is one of the exchange programs most popular files today. Through Shareaza you can download the files you want, such as music, videos, photos, ebooks, etc. One of the strengths of the program is that it uses the power of different P2P networks so you can enjoy a good speed when downloading your files without the need to wait several hours to download a video.

The application has an integrated system to prevent corrupt or incomplete download files. This means that it will repair damaged files before it finishes downloading. Besides, with the program’s own network, Gnutella 2, you’ll find files with higher chances of successful outcomes. You can even narrow down your search using the filters of the application; music, videos, books, images, software, file, source-code, presentations and torrents files.

Software to download music and videos

If you wish, you can download Shareaza for free clicking on this link.

Security P2P downloads

Even when it is so fun and easy to download content through P2P networks, we must always take some precautions.

Over the years, the downloads through such software have always brought all sorts of problems, most of them related to security and computer virus infection.

To keep us safe, nothing better than to follow the following tips explain below.

  • Keep your antivirus, antispyware and firewall updated and configured correctly.
  • Each time a file is downloaded, consider analyze it manually with a good antivirus software.
  • An excellent idea that can save us many headaches is check the file extension. Files with extensions .com, .scr and .exe in most cases, unless you are downloading software, are indicative of malicious code, so we must be extremely cautious handling.
  • When configuring the program so that others can take content from us, make sure and do not forget check if we have personal content in the folder you are sharing.
  • Another of the most important points to consider are the copyright. That is why we must always ensure that the materials we are downloading is completely free and open, and that has no restriction for download, since we could be violating one or more laws, depending on the country where they dwell.

LimeWire Pirate Edition: From the ashes of LimeWire

LimeWire was one of the best applications to download music, and in this article we will know all the features and functionality of its direct heir, LimeWire Pirate Edition, a new instance of the original LimeWire project, which respects each of the functions and features incorporated that legendary software.

LimeWire always stood out above software competition because of two fundamental characteristics for an application download is all that has to be: Simplicity and speed. In addition, the learning curve is really short, after a short time everybody could use perfectly the hundreds of tools that it incorporated.

LimeWire pirate edition

LimeWire Pirate Edition

As the Phoenix, LimeWire rose from the ashes and went on to the hand of a project based on its source code. Known as LWPE, the full name of the application is LimeWire Pirate Edition.

LimeWire Pirate Edition, like LimeWire, offers a full range of features and functionality that will allow us to enjoy the experience of downloading content from the World Wide Web. Moreover, this new development incorporated some options previously only included the Pro version program, as known as Turbo Charged Connection.

Likewise, besides a large number of changes were made to eliminate any adware incorporating the software, including any calls to the LimeWire original servers, and removed, in the source code, any remote function still present.

LimeWire pirate edition

Developers are currently working hard to make the application continues in constant development, and they offer the same options as their ancestor, incredible speed and flexibility, achievements that LimeWire knew procure over the years. After reaching this goal, LimeWire Pirate Edition surely shine, and will become an excellent alternative to other P2P download programs.

Simple and powerful

For those who have not yet used LimeWire Pirate Edition, enough to say that is one of the best P2P downloads managers to download all kinds of material, whether video, audio, images or other content, and according to the many thousands of people who use LimeWire, it is far superior to alternatives such as eMule or Ares.

LimeWire pirate edition

One of the highlights of LimeWire Pirate Edition is undoubtedly its simplicity of use. From the moment that run the application, we will find a simple but effective interface, where we can find all the necessary tools to manage our downloads.

Fortunately for users who are just starting in Internet downloads, this interface will be very understandable, and also includes a number of interesting features like a built-in browser, which allows to LimeWire users surf the Internet without leaving the interface LimeWire.

Undoubtedly LimeWire Pirate Edition is a worthy successor to LimeWire that will allow us to manage downloads through P2P networks easily, quickly and conveniently way.

LimeWire pirate edition

If you wish, you can download LimeWire Pirate Edition clicking on this link.

Download Ares Free

In this post you can learn everything about Ares brings, and which are characteristics that differentiate it from other software of the same type on the market. You can also access the step by step instructions to install and a quick guide for use.

Despite incessant efforts to ban the download of copyrighted material through the P2P network that perform large companies, Ares continues to survive and is currently the most widely used download manager around the world, thanks to its unique features, and also for being one of the fastest in the market, well above its direct competitors such as eMule and others.

Download Ares Free

Ares Galaxy, your true full name, is a completely free application developed to managing downloads from P2P networks. Born in 2002 as an open source project, its developers devised it as a complete tool with which, and with almost no effort, you could download and share multimedia content of all kinds.

Through this complete software, not only we can to download multimedia content such as music and movies in WAV, MP3, AVI or DVD and Blu-Ray formats, and many others, but also you can get all kinds of files: historical documents, templates, images, tutorials, magazines, books, art and any other material imaginable. With Ares, they are there, within reach of a mouse click.

Download Ares Free

One of the main features of Ares, in relation to other programs of its kind, is that it is completely clean, i.e. that is free of any spyware, malware or advertising, which guarantees that we install in our PC a software that will not bring any problems.

Definitely, once you download and we install Ares, surely one of the first things that will surprise us is the speed with which it connects to the network, and after the early uses we can see that is the most secure P2P manager, and thanks to their powerful built-in filters, we keep us free from viruses and corrupt files.

The most important features of Ares

Ares is undoubtedly a very versatile platform that brings the enough tools so that the user to get easily what he want, however this does not mean they not offers advanced options for managing downloads. Not for nothing is chosen by millions of users worldwide. Not for nothing is chosen by millions of users worldwide.

Download Ares Free

When we compare Ares with eMule, we find that the simplicity of use of the first, plays to their advantage, since although eMule provides more tools for configuring the downloads exactly as the user wants, the fact remains that must be performed with a thick manual in the hands. Not so with Ares, because its simplicity allows to user download what he want without any effort.

Some of the most important features of Ares are the ability to maintain a list of contacts, allowing us to establish smooth communication with other members of the network through the messaging system that included within the software.

Download Ares Free

Another interesting features of Ares is that it allows preview files while they are being downloaded, through the powerful integrated media player, a really useful tool to not download fakes or files that do not interest us.

This is because Ares automatically finds many origins of the file searched, allowing download the same file simultaneously from different locations. This is one of the main advantages of Ares, since the owner of the file searched it is not always online, and if that happens, the transfer would stop.

Highlights features

Play downloaded videos in the embedded player

Ares Galaxy has an embedded player, allowing pre-visualize audio and video files while they are downloaded. Also offers the possibility to create playlists of videos and music.

This feature is interesting for users who are in doubt whether music or video found in Ares it is really the material we want to find, this will allow us avoid download fakes and other problems like virus.

Download Ares Free

In addition to the preview of the file during transfer, you can create a library of files for listening music and video that has been downloaded by Ares.

Talk to other Ares users

Ares also has user community chat rooms, and the user can create your own room. In addition to making new friends, you can talk to the owner of the original file, asking some basic information. Interactivity is a term that describes well the Ares Galaxy, due to new information and communication technologies present in that software.

Download Ares Free

Bandwidth limits and files

Through the Ares control panel it is possible to limit the maximum number and bandwidth (KB / s) for download and upload. In this way, you can divide the bandwidth with other applications, ensuring that the performance of any program is affected.

For those looking for an application for file sharing, mainly play quickly music and videos, you will find in Ares Galaxy one of the best options in the market.

If you wish, you can download Ares Galaxy clicking on this link.

iMesh: Listen and download music has never been easier

It is almost certain that the creators of iMesh even imagined back in 1999 that his creation would become one of the platforms for sharing music and video world’s most popular, and although it took more than a decade to get to this stage it enjoys today, the fact is that “Better late than never” as the saying goes, and did not disappear as so many other platforms and applications.

However, it is not just a matter of luck or fashion, as well as the application is well developed and offers very good features, its creators and executives had the happy idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcompromise with the institutions responsible for ensuring the Copyright, such RIAA, with which they reached an agreement, which allowed iMesh become the first platform of its kind “Approved by the RIAA” and 100% legal. In this article we will know what this magnificent player has to give.

How to use iMesh

Basically, iMesh is a software that allows, in addition to playing all kinds of content, exchange of audio, video or documents through a P2P network, more specifically a private network called “IM2Net” and stands out from the rest not only for its legal status, but also it offers many excellent features and functions, including the ability to discover and listen to new music, thanks to the aforementioned P2P network.

However, the most interesting point is that iMesh offers the possibility to create a user profile, with which we can keep in touch with friends through the chat network and share music with them.

How to install and download with iMesh

Before beginning, we must be clear that the program will try install a couple of search bars or similar crap, what can cancel very easily. To do this, all you have to do is click to clear the check boxes that refer to any external software to the application itself, in this case “Ask”. After this step, we can continue without problems or dangers.

How to use iMesh

User profile

After that, we’ll be able to create your user profile, we can do by following the instructions that gives us the system. Once completed with our photo, favorite colors and personal data, and we can terminate this step, we can access the main program window.

Through this profile we can add friends, chat with them and exchange all kinds of information and content, whether video or music. Note that the creation of this user profile to use the program, is not necessary.

iMesh interface

Once we get to the interface iMesh, we will find a really very slick and easy to use interface. Here are the different tabs arranged in which we find the options that allow us to hear music the way they please us.

How to use iMesh

In the first, the tab “Home”, will find every kind of music suggested by the system, organized by most popular artists. Very interesting if you want to hear good music varied.

On the second tab, “Library”, we find our collection of music, that is where we have stored on the hard disk of the PC, with which you can create playlists, among other tasks, however, the most interesting is we can easily synchronize with our Android, iPod device or MP3 player, just accessing to item “Device” on the left side of the application.

How to use iMesh

In the third tab of iMesh, “DJ”, we can easily create a custom playlist with our taste. It may do so entering the name of the band or song in the appropriate box, or select from the dropdown the appropriate category in a “Select a mood …” menu. After that, click the “Play” button and the system will provide us with a list of songs according to what we have chosen, which we see in the panel to the right of the interface, with the video or the album cover in question.

The fourth tab of the application is “People”, and here we found the necessary tools to get in contact with other people, with whom we can start a chat, for example, talk about new music or new artists. Note that to use this tab you need to register and create a user profile.

In the penultimate tab of iMesh we find an interesting tool which allows you to discover new music based on a certain state of mind, the best Spotify style. Here you can find lists of songs according to different moods, as for example “Election Day” to “Music for cooking,” but we can also find playlists more formal than contemplate the use of the name of the artist or genre musical to which they relate.

How to use iMesh

The most important function of iMesh

In the sixth tab we find what is perhaps the most important function of iMesh: content search. In this section we can find music more easily, because in the first instance offers the possibility of filtering by a drop menu, from which you can select between “Artist”, “Album” and “Title”.

After entering the search string, the system will direct us into a new window, where we find the most relevant albums, lists of the most popular songs and artists similar to that entered, which provides the perfect setting for the music listening experience by iMesh as pleasant as possible. Furthermore, if we are connected by our profile, we can also find the online fans of the artist, or your most popular ringtones, along with his most famous videos via YouTube.

How to use iMesh


IMesh is undoubtedly one of the best multimedia players in the current market, not only for its quality and stability, but also for the large amount of material that can be obtained through its use, which can also be downloaded to our computer to you can listen later. Also, the excellent synchronization feature allows us to enjoy our music on any device that we have, smoothly and simply plugging it into a USB port. Similarly, it also allows us to create a playlist and then burn it to a CD, one more than interesting for those who still use CD Players in the car or in the living room option.

Something to keep in mind is that iMesh operates the same way as any other P2P client, i.e. the more people share the same file, the quicker they will be downloaded to our PC, so it is not a bad idea to keep the songs downs as long as possible, so all users will benefit iMesh.

If you wish, you can download iMesh clicking on this link.

What is Ares?

Ares is a file sharing program that works in a decentralized network (P2P, Point to Point or Point to Point), allowing direct download of files among users of the program as part of that network.

This software allows you to search and download any file that other people made available. Mp3 music, videos, programs, documents and all file types you can imagine, anything is possible find in Ares.

What is Ares

Ares: A simply fantastic tool

Considered by many as one of the best file-sharing programs on the Internet, Ares provides a quick search on a huge number of files.

Your file downloading system automatically searches the file in much more sources that the other programs, allowing download the same file simultaneously from different Ares programs worldwide.

What is Ares

You can create links to files to send to friends easily. When these links are selected, Ares automatically searches the appropriate file and begin your download. The program has a player that lets you preview audio and video files while they download and create playlists with videos and songs. All the most useful and interesting options.

What is Ares

Ares also has chat rooms and the user is able to create his own room. Through the control panel you can limit the maximum number and wide bandwidth (KB / s) used for downloads and uploads.

No doubt, Ares is one of the download platforms most important, flexible and fast in the world.

What is Ares

If you wish, you can download Ares completely free, by clicking on this link.

Download and play music simply and easily with Songr

With the spread of files ready to download on P2P networks, the torrent format is a favorite of users. With this type of files, the transferred files are divided into several parts and every person who owns such file downloading helps other users.

But when it comes to downloading music and songs, many programs seem, in its interface, to Napster (first program used for file sharing on P2P networks). To change this trend, it developed Songr, which has a completely different interface, more stylized and adapted to modern times.

Download and Play Songr

Download music with Songr

With this program you can easily find and download music or play the file with just one click. The program is able to search for content in more than ten different MP3 search engines, which gives you many chances to find the music you are looking for.

Download and Play Songr

Surely Songr is one of the platforms most interesting music download as it offers a number of features including the ability to find a particular song by the lyrics, that is, if you’re looking for a song, but you do not know the title, you can find it by typing only part of his lyrics.

Download and Play Songr

Another interesting feature is that before downloading, you can play the song, which will prevent download files mistakenly, fakes or playback errors.

Download and Play Songr

If you wish, you can download Songr clicking on this link.