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What is and how it works SoundCloud?

As we know, social networks currently occupy a more prominent place in the preferences of people when communicating with others. This is demonstrably just checking the number of users that have sites Facebook or G + how, just to name a few examples.

Musicians, like all other mortals, could not escape this trend, and that is why born SoundCloud, wich is a social network aimed primarily at composers and interpreters, so that they can spread their music through channels.


Through SoundCloud it is impossible to show works in progress, or accept suggestions, as in the case of other similar sites as Start My Song or Songpull, but the idea is to spread the finished work, ready to be heard, for example, in a radio. The main objective is simply to promote the music, without having to use for this download sites like 4shared, Megaupload, Dropbox, Google Drive or others.

What is and how it works SoundCloud?

How to use SoundCloud

All you have to do the musician who want to broadcast their music is create an SoundCloud account, upload your song and then send it through a link to anyone.

This link, when it is opened by the recipient, is shown as a player, so just press the “Play” button to hear the song. The player showing SoundCloud is so simple that even has volume control, but you can stop playback or skip to the next track.

What is and how it works SoundCloud?

It should be noted that at the time the song starts playing, the people who are listening can leave a comment.

Given that the aim is to offer music to be sold, you may incorporate many facts and features of the song or the band. The contacts of each user can leave comments with a mark that indicates when the play has been performed and thus know exactly which part of the song is referring. Comments can be used to improve a certain section of it, and very easily.

What is and how it works SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is also a social player, since it is possible to insert websites or profiles from different social networks. Thus, each time the SoundCloud profile is updated either adding or removing music, all linked sites will be updated simultaneously and automatically.

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How to download songs from Spotify free

For some time already, the computers and portable devices have become true entertainment centers, and for example today we can enjoy all our favorite music through our desktop computer, your smartphone or tablet, anywhere, anytime, and best of all is that not always need to have large storage space to lay up all the music.

This is due mainly, to the hundreds of apps and online services available to PCs and Android devices, through which we can access so online to songs, albums and even entire discographies of our favorite artists, and in many cases without investing any money.

How to download Spotify music

Such is the case of Spotify, one of the most prominent apps of this type, currently used by millions of people worldwide, especially by Android users, as it is a truly inexhaustible source of free music streaming. To learn more about to download free music from Spotify, we invite you to read the whole article.

One of the most important advantages possessed by the application, and the reason which is the most chosen software by millions of users worldwide, is that we can create playlists to our liking, and gives us the opportunity to save our user account to enjoy it when we want.

Of course this will only be possible when we have an Internet connection available, unless we are willing to pay a few dollars for a premium membership, which allow us to enjoy all the music without being connected to the Internet.

How to download Spotify music

Another disadvantage could say is that these songs can only be played back through Spotify, i.e. cannot hear out of the application because the service provided does not include downloading them.

However there is a procedure that can be used to download and save some songs from Spotify on our PC, which is available under these paragraphs:

Step 1: The first thing we’ll do is launch the web browser that we always use.

Step 2: Then we go to this link, where you can access a free online audio recorder, developed by Apowersoft.

Step 3: Once there click on the button to download the desktop version of the program, i.e. “Download Desktop Version”.

How to download Spotify music

Step 4: Once the application has been downloaded, install it in the same way we do with the rest of the software, i.e. “Next”, “Next” and “Finish”.

Step 5: Once the app is started, we can see that offers different options to start recording, pause, edit, play and more.

Step 6: Start Spotify and then we seek the song that we want to download, and while reproduce the song, what we do is burn it with the audio recorder we have installed. We just click the “Start” button to start recording, and then click the “Pause” button to stop recording.

How to download Spotify music

Step 7: Note that the program automatically stores the recorded audio, which can then find a folder under “Streaming Audio Recording” under “My Documents” or “Documents”, depending on the version of Windows that have installed, which can be accessed by clicking the right button mouse over the recorded file to display the menu options on the file, and where we select “Open Containing folder”.

How to download Spotify music

From now on we can play that song with our favorite music player, and to have it available off the shelf Spotify to listen even when you do not have Internet access, in addition to transfer these songs to our portable devices.

All the best software to download music free

Today, there are several software tools that can be used for download music, from small programs like LightDownloader, which allows us download music from specific sites, to apps that use the so-called P2P networks, which will give us better results and more quality, plus the ability to do it much faster.

Before you begin, we must know that although there is a fierce battle over the alleged legality of peer to peer networks, in many countries there is still no appropriate legislation to address the problem of its use. That is why we must be cautious regarding the use of this type of discharge systems, and take precautions when using them.

Free software to download music

In the case of using other software to download music and want to share with us, please leave your comment at the end of this article for to be added to the list.

Ares Galaxy: One of the most chosen to download music

Ares Galaxy is a P2P software used to download many types of shared files like MP3 music, videos, Word documents, archives ZIP, RAR, and many other types of media formats. Ares is completely free and no contains any type of spyware program.

Free software to download music

If you wish, you can start downloading Ares by clicking on this link.

iMesh: Listen and download music has never been easier

IMesh is a download software packed with many and rich features, however, the best that could have happened with the application was the developers and executives had the good sense to engage with those responsible for copyright as the RIAA , with whom arrived agreement, which allowed to IMesh become the first download platform of this kind 100% legal.

Free software to download music

If you wish, you can start downloading IMesh by clicking on this link.

Wireshare: From the LimeWire Pirate Edition Ashes

Some time ago, LimeWire was one of the tools for downloading most commonly used Internet content, but unfortunately at present, there is no longer due to legal problems.

After that, appeared on the market LimeWire Pirate Edition, which also disappeared, taking his place WireShare, a download manager with many excellent features.

Despite everything that happened, WineShare is a worthy successor to the original and mythical LimeWire.

Free software to download music

If you wish, you can start downloading WineShare by clicking on the link.

MP3 Rocket, downloads fast like an a rocket

MP3 Rocket, according to the company responsible for its development, is today the most faster app for the MP3 downloads in the market. A real alternative to WireShare and completely free for download and use.

Free software to download music

If you wish, you can start downloading MP3 Rocket by clicking on this link.


Shareaza is one of the most sought clients P2P today, surpassing even in some respects to the king of kings of P2P downloads, eMule. Basically it is a P2P client for Windows platforms that supports the most important protocols, and networks like Gnutella, Gnutella2, eDonkey 2000, BitTorrent, FTP and HTTP. Also offers the features needed to manage such support Magnet links.

Free software to download music

If you wish, you can start downloading Shareaza by clicking on this link.

Soulseek: Downloads in community

The main feature of Soulseek lies in the speed and precision with which we can find the file you’re looking for, which is closely related to the type of network in which the software operate, which distinguishes it from other venerable download apps like uTorrent.

Free software to download music

If you wish, you can start downloading Soulseek by clicking on this link.

Emule: The King of Kings

The best word to define eMule is amazing because it is definitely the best software we can use to download all kinds of content. It uses the P2P network with proven efficiency for these tasks through the decades.

Free software to download music

If you wish, you can start downloading eMule by clicking on this link.

Before Azureus, Vuze now

Formerly known as Azureus, now his name is Vuze, and is one of the most comprehensive music downloads tools that can be found. However, this is not your best feature as it also offers tons of options for downloads are as efficient as possible.

Free software to download music

Moreover, this amount of functions can also be harmful for novice users as they make the program more complex to use. As a multitorrent client allows us to control all downloads in the same window.

If you wish, you can start downloading Vuze by clicking on this link.


One of the best programs for downloading music. Based on Emule, EasyMule improving several aspects to become an excellent alternative to Ares and Emule.

Free software to download music

If you wish, you can start downloading EasyMule by clicking on this link.

Frostwire, another reincarnation of LimeWire

Frostwire is a excellent alternative to others music download apps, with a smooth and quick operation, it is able to download content with great speed, and also with an unbeatable download rate.

Free software to download music

If you wish, you can start downloading Frostwire by clicking on this link.

uTorrent: Fast and efficient downloads

Undoubtedly uTorrent 3.0 is one of the tools to download music more efficient and fastest. Always improving, uTorrent developers include in each new app release, many options focused on ease of use and user comfort.

Free software to download music

If you wish, you can start downloading uTorrent by clicking on this link.

4shared: Download music shared by other people

4shared is a web service that allows users to share all types of files. There you will find thousands of music files to download simply just looking at the huge catalog available.

Free software to download music

If you wish, you can start downloading by clicking on this link.