USB dongle types: Wi-Fi

As we know, a dongle is a small hardware device that connects to another device to provide it with additional functionality. Over the years, the dongles have become one of the main tools for better job flexibility, since they offer important features that otherwise we could not be used.

As proof of this, the dongle USB devices have not only become one of the most used for storing digital files means, but also constitute a really interesting option to transfer information between computers and peripherals, as well as to share the network connection.

USB dongle types

Thanks to its capacity and effectiveness, USB dongles have become one of the best alternatives for storing files, even replacing other media, such as optical disks.

However, as we mentioned above, dongles not only serve to store files. There are also different types of USB dongles, such as those that let you add extra features to computers to use wireless Internet access, thereby providing wireless connectivity to the network.

Consider that many desktop computers do not have this type of connectivity, so they must be incorporated in an internal Wi-Fi card, while in some laptop models this type of functionality is obtained by external gadgets.

USB dongle types

Therefore, often the best solution is to opt for a USB dongle for Wi-Fi, which currently can be found in the market in variety of models, whose function, once connected to the PC, will be to locate nearby wireless networks in order to share access.

Overall, one of the most popular models of USB dongle for Wi-Fi, so-called Wi-Fi scanner, it is one that has shaped USB key, which gives users the ability to search an access to connect to Internet.

This type of USB dongle has a set of LED lights, which are lit without the computer, either desktop or laptop, it is on. The lights will indicate whether it has detected the presence of a wireless network.

USB dongle types

Some models even feature a series of LEDs that indicate the signal strength, thereby allowing us to know at the time if accessibility is increasing or not. In addition also they include different colors of LEDs that specify whether the network is encrypted or not.

We can also opt for the possibility of creating a personal wireless network through a USB Bluetooth dongle, which allows us to connect various digital devices to each other without the need for wiring.

In this sense it is important to highlight the importance acquired in recent years the use of Bluetooth, technology is making strides, and because of its powerful features are increasingly portable devices that have this type of platform.

USB dongle types

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