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What is the gadgets?

Today, the term “gadget” has become very popular, and not just for technology enthusiasts, but also for many users who had no prior idea what this meant. This is thanks to the popularity of the word obtained due to the expansion of the Internet and the use of high-tech devices.

Gadget is a recent technological jargon that refers, generically, to a electronic device that has a purpose and a specific, practical and useful function in everyday life. Commonly we called “Gadget” to portable electronic devices such as PDAs, phones, smartphones, mp3 players, among others. In other words, it is an electronic jargon.

What are gadgets

However, in addition to well call electronic devices, also it called “gadget” those miniapps that can be found in web browsers, operating systems, and that have the function of showing information or perform some operation being separate from the main module.

Generally, these types of programs reside on the desktop, as in the case of the well-known Windows 7 desktop gadgets system. Today, virtually all operating systems offers some type of gadgets system, because they are really very helpful to improve our flexibility and ability when we are working.

What are gadgets

In this sense, the best desktop gadgets systems may be found in operating systems such as Mac OS X, KDE and Gnome. In the case of Windows, it does not offer this feature, however provides the so-called “Tiles”, but anyone that has tried will agree not offer the same capacity as gadgets.

What are gadgets

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