What is a Cracker?

A hacker is a person who creates and modifies computer software and hardware to develop new functions or adapt old ones, without these changes are harmful to the user thereof.

Hackers and crackers are individuals in modern society who possess advanced knowledge in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtechnology and computers, but the basic difference between them is that hackers only build things for good and crackers destroy, as they believe something is solely for personal.

What is a Cracker

The cracker, is considered a “virtual vandal”. This uses her knowledge to invade systems, deciphering codes and passwords of programs and encryption algorithms, either to run games without a CD-ROM, or generate a key false registration for a particular program, steal personal information, or commit other computer crimes.

Some try to make money selling the stolen information, others just do it for fame or fun. That is why we must be extremely cautious with handling the information we have stored in our PC, and properly protect it with a good security system.

Cracker is a term for malicious programmers and hackers who act with the aim of violating illegal or immoral cybernetic systems, being a term created in 1985 by hackers in defense of journalistic use of the term.

What is a Cracker

Some types of crackers

Crackers systems: Name for programmers and decoders that alter the content of a given program, for example, changing expiration dates of a program to make it work as if it were a legitimate copy.

Crackers Cryptography: term used for those who are engaged in breaking cryptography (cracking codes).

Phreaker: cracker specializing in telephony. It is known to make free calls, reprogram telephone exchanges, record conversations from other phones and then to hear the conversation in your own phone, etc.

What is a Cracker

Cyberpunk: They are vandals that destroy web pages or computerized systems. They destroy the work of others.

In case you feel unsure, do not wait, seek information on the Internet or with people who are dedicated to computer security. This will allow store data on your PC with enough security to allow you to be calm.