Software types

There is no doubt that the key part of any computer system is the software, also called program or application, which together with the hardware, are the backbone of any computer or computer system such as desktop PCs, netbooks, smartphones, notebooks or tablets.

Without these programs and codes, the computer would just be a device that is not able to do anything himself except decorate a desk. This article will try to make a review of the different types of programs and applications that can be found in the market.

Software types

In the market, there are many types of software, each developed for a specific purpose, and over the years has established a categorization that defines the task it performs. From here we know how different types of programs and some examples of popular applications differ.

Operating systems

This type of software controls the computer, and without it, the PC is not able to interpret the actions that we request, for example cut, copy or paste. The most important examples of operating systems are Microsoft Windows, in any version, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, Apple MacOS or Linux on your different flavors such as Mandriva, Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Debian, just to name the most important.

Software types

However, not only exist the development of operating systems to computers, but also the development of operating systems for other types of devices such as smartphones, smartwatches and tablets. The best examples are Symbian, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS, among others.

Text processors

This type of software replaced to the obsolete typewriter, with many advantages. By using a word processor you can edit and write text such as memorandums, letters, contracts, reports, general correspondence, budgets and others documents in a way that could not even imagine a few years ago. It is even possible to send the document you just wrote via e-mail, without having to exit the application.

Software types

With a word processor, you can use various resources for the composition of a document such as underline, bold, special fonts of various types, colors, spell checking, inserting text, images, tables, and many other options that will achieve a professional aspect to our writing. The most cited word processing examples are Microsoft Word, Writer, part of office suite Libre Office, WordPad, Abiword or KWord, just to name a few examples.


These types of applications are used to do all sorts of calculations and mathematical operations, being quite useful for various applications such as accounting, accounts payable and receivable, statistical calculations, balances, statistical graphs and many other possibilities for the field accounting in the company or home. Examples are Microsoft Excel, Lotus and Office Calc.

Software types


These programs are used to store information such as customer’s registration, suppliers, materials, products, for the purpose of being able to have effective monitoring of stocks or movements of any kind. The most important applications of this field are Microsoft Access, Foxpro and Office Base.

CAD programs

CAD (Computer Aided Design), refers to programs of computer-aided design that are widely used by architects, engineers, designers and all professionals engaged in the preparation of plans of any kind.

Software types

Widely used in architecture, engineering and electronics among others. The most significant example of this category is the company Autodesk AutoCAD, but we also have Blender, open source and free.

Graphic design

Such programs are regularly used in any graphic design studio where magazines, books, and all kinds of printed material consisting. Basically they can be divided into two types: Composition and retouching & image manipulation.

The most commonly used in this field are software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and is also used, but to a lesser extent CorelDraw! and Corel Photo Paint, among others.

Software types

However, these programs are not all that is needed in this area, because we also need additional software as font managers, catalogers images and PDF converters, among others.

It should be noted that there is also a free software of this type, such as The Gimp.


Such programs tend to integrate multiple applications that fulfill a different function in one package. The most popular suites are Microsoft Office, Open Office or Adobe Suite. The first two options are focused in integrate work such as word processing, spreadsheet and other in a one package, while the third is aimed to the professional graphic field.


Perhaps one of the most used programs today, given the unstoppable fury of the Internet and social networks. These programs serve to connect and navigate through Internet. The most popular browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. It should be noted that they are all free programs.

Software types

Applications for Smartphones

A special category of software programs are exclusively designed for operating systems included in current smartphones.

In the market there are several operating systems for mobile phones, as we saw above, but unfortunately the software developed for these different platforms are not compatible. This means that an app that runs on iOS will not work on Android, and vice versa.

Software types

These apps, also known as software for smart phones, offer the user a very important range of possibilities, because with them can count on help for any kind of task you want to take with your phone.

For this there are in the market for office applications, mail readers, games and many others, it is only a matter of looking in official stores of each operating system and select the one that suits us.

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