The computer memory

We could say that the computer memory is one of the most important elements for everything to work properly. Indeed, without this vital component, the computer cannot even boot, this indicating the importance of RAM in the structure of the computer. The word “Memoryā€¯ is a generic term used to designate the parts of the computer or peripheral devices where all data and programs are stored.

In this article we will learn a little more in depth the types of memory that exist and what their relationship is with the computer.

Computer Memory

Regarding exclusively to the computer, inside the case, and coupled to the motherboard, we can find two types of memories:

RAM (Random Access Memory)

The RAM is a type of temporary storage memory that stores programs and data being processed, only during processing stage. It is a volatile memory, data stored only stay in it while the computer is turned on. At the time the PC is turned off, all the data are lost.

There are some concepts that must be known to make it easier to understand the RAM memory of modern computers, here the most important:

  • The RAM is used for temporary storage of data or instructions.
  • When writing a text on a computer, the information is stored in RAM, as well as the input data.
  • The RAM memory is also known as memory read and write since in this type of memory can be read or write information.
  • The RAM is essential for good performance of our PC.

Computer Memory

ROM (Read Only Memory)

This type of memory is used to store permanent applications or data, or information that rarely will be modified. The information is usually stored in the storage chip at the time of manufacture, and its main characteristic is that its contents cannot be altered by user programs or applications. For this reason it is a read-only memory.

The ROM is basically a chip that containing control instructions and it cannot be altered by the user. Thus the ROM is hardware and software at the same time (this firmware name is given).

The firmware instructions are stored in a memory, typically read / write, which establishes the lowest level logic that controls the electronic circuits of a device of any kind.

Computer Memory

In short, the information stored in ROM is non-volatile, that is, it is not lost when the computer is turned off. RAM is volatile, and the stored information is lost when the machine is turned off.

The best free programs for photo editing

The digital cameras, including more expensive models, often leave some imperfections in pictures: red eye, Low sharpening, bad light or chromatic aberrations. Some of these imperfections can be fully corrected, using a good program to edit photos.

Usually manufacturers included in the packaging of the camera, a CD with software that can be used to enhance or correct photos and videos that we have taken with the device. However most of the time does not cover the needs of the user, especially if he knows what he’s doing.

Best apps for photo editing

To solve this problem, in the market there a lot of programs that edit and even add some effects to digital images. In this article we will present some. In order to simplify your life, and select free programs that manage perfectly solve the problems in photos. Note that all of them can be downloaded and used for free.


This is an app that surprises with its simplicity and speed. Even large files are loaded and can be edited quickly. It has a clean interface, with strategically grouped buttons for easy user’s life. This app presents features similar to those of Photoshop, one of the most popular programs for editing photos, therefore allowing the image rotate, resize, print in different sizes and incorporate edge filters, among others options.

Best apps for photo editing

As if that were not enough, also it corrects imperfections in the faces using a tool called “clone stamp tool” to copy part of the image and paste it in another image with similar characteristics. One of our favorite programs to edit photos.


  • Lightweight and fast editing large photos.
  • Incorporates a variety of filters, essential to correct imperfections in the photos or apply 3D effects.
  • You can edit icons.
  • Small footprint in the PC.
  • As in Photoshop, you can clone a part of the image.


  • Keyboard shortcuts are confusing
  • Full version with 30 days evaluation

If you wish, you can download PhotoFiltre by clicking on this link.


Ideal for those who like play around with the photos. Full of resources, Photoscape surprised by its impeccable interface. On the home screen you can decide which action will first use, among which are: the possibility to combine several photos into one, creating an animated GIF, split an image into several parts, make a screen capture and save it, convert a raw format into jpg, rename a batch of photos, among others.

Best apps for photo editing

Very easy to use, brings to you multiple effects for photos, this app is ideal for those who like posting pictures in internet, or prefer to print your pictures creatively. Over time, the user becomes addicted to this app due to that permanently surprising with the results obtained in the editing.


  • Completely free and ideal for those who like the pictures.
  • Has more resources than Photofiltre.
  • The function of combined images creates spectacular photos.
  • Create marvelous GIF for the web.
  • Full of effects, moldings, filters and drawings to be added to photos.
  • The action “film effect” gives a unique touch to the images.
  • It’s one of the few that transforms an image to “old photo” in an original way.
  • Has a very good presenter of slides.


  • The only thing that bothers of this program is the fact of not having similar tools to those of Photoshop.

If you wish, you can download PhotoScape by clicking on this link.


One of the best features of this program is that as we learn to use, appear better tools and resources. Besides looks similar to Photoshop, including the “History” function.

Also surprising by the dynamic way in which the palettes are assembled on the window. Everything was designed not to hinder the view of the image being edited. But not only that: the program also lets you create drawings. It brings almost all the tools needed for this function.

Best apps for photo editing


  • It is a free, and very fast when editing photos.
  • Create drawings.
  • Editing images is facilitated by using transparent palettes.
  • Assistant to tell us what use it is each icon and button, as well as shortcuts to functions.


  • Printing of the images is not the best
  • The effects are limited.

If you wish, you can download Paint.NET by clicking in this link.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Oddly enough, Adobe also has added to the offer of free editors on the market, this time with a super pruned version of its wonderful Photoshop called Express. If we expect this application offers the infinite possibilities of his major version, but free, we are quite wrong, as it only offers the possibility to make adjustments, apply filters and little else, but with the quality that only Adobe can provide.

Best apps for photo editing

Available for Windows 8, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, is an excellent alternative for those small tweaks.


  • All the quality that only Adobe is able to provide
  • Excellent performance and ease of use in tablets


  • Few functions

If you wish, you can download Adobe Photoshop Express now! by clicking in this link.

The killer app: The Gimp

The Gimp, by far, it is the image manipulation software most important of the reviewed in this article, as well as to add effects and filters to your images, we can also create spectacular designs, with quality and professional appearance.

Best apps for photo editing

However, The Gimp provides certain problems when using it: It’s pretty complicated, but if we take the time to learn all of its functions, we can get high quality and professional design.

Certainly an alternative well positioned in a market dominated by terrible monsters like Adobe Photoshop or Corel PaintShop.


  • Professional results
  • Possibility to create designs with layers and alpha channels
  • High-quality filters and effects


  • Difficult to use

If you wish, you can download The GIMP now! by clicking in this link.

And now … What app I choose to edit my photos?

If you have time, try use each of these apps for photo editing and know how to use them, whereby we really know if what we are needing.

Photofiltre is the app ideal for those who need to print photos easily, or need to resize them. Choose Photoscape if you like to add additional resources to the photos. The program brings so many effects that are difficult to find in another apps similar. In the same line, Photoshop Express can offer excellent results, with the quality that only Adobe can provide.

Best apps for photo editing

Paint.Net is more oriented to those users more knowledgeable on photo editing, because although the program is easy to use, some tools are necessary to know in advance to obtain the best use, and that takes time. The same applies to Gimp.

Whatever be your choice, you do not stop practicing enough. Working with photos requires patience and dedication, but the result is worth the effort.