clone phone

What is phone cloning?

Basically, a cloned cell phone is a device that was reprogrammed to transmit the device code and subscriber code. Thus, the fraudster uses the cloned device to make phone calls and the same are debited to the account holder of the line.

This type of activity is more widespread than we all think, and even we even be happening at this time without realizing it. That is why in this article we will find enough information to understand how a cloned phone works and what the dangers are.

Phone cloning

As the cloning is performed

Generally the cloning fraud happens when the user is outside the area of mobility of origin, i.e. when the roaming mode is in use and operating in analog mode.

The unscrupulous people get the code of the device or the user code through the illegal monitoring of the cell phone. Supposedly, every cell phone has a unique code. But, after cloning, there will be two cell phones with the same device code and the same subscriber code. In this condition, the system of the cellular service provider fails to distinguish between a cloned telephone and a cellular properly enabled.

Fortunately, nowadays, there are several sophisticated detection and prevention solutions against the fraud and cloning, the providers have sought to have these resources as part of their operations solutions.

Phone cloning

Clues to see if our phone was cloned

Detect a phone that has been cloned is simple, if the following signs are taken into consideration:

  • Difficulty completing calls generated
  • Frequent connection falls
  • Difficulties to call your mailbox
  • Calls received from strangers, national and international numbers
  • Amounts for the provision of services much higher than average

What can we do?

In the event that we have detected fraud or cloning, or in the case of lost or theft of phone, the user must immediately contact the provider and request the blocking of the line.

If the act was denounced by phone, the user must log the full name of the person who has attended, date, time, case number generated and in the case of direct complaint, obtain hard copy of it.

Phone cloning

Plus: Basic precautions

You should try to repair your cell phone in authorized representatives by manufacturers or service you trust. This will prevent any malicious person can manipulate the phone.

Make a monthly review of the bill to verify any calls made.

When he was outside the area of operation of the provider, in the manner known as roaming, the connections are considered as a long distance, national or international. Fraud occur in that situation, since they will not be discovered until the call records are exchanged between the providers, which will require some time. Therefore, we must have more rigorous calls control when we travel.

Phone cloning

When purchasing a cell phone, new or used phone, require tax invoice and verify the origin, empowerment and control billing information, including the serial number.

In the case of a used cell phone, certify if it is not stolen by consulting to the provider to check if the device is not in that state.

In addition to the charge for calls made by the fraudulent user, the cloning fraud in mobile systems can cause temporary loss to the subscriber service and, eventually, the need to program the cell phone with a new number.

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