What is Ares?

Ares is a file sharing program that works in a decentralized network (P2P, Point to Point or Point to Point), allowing direct download of files among users of the program as part of that network.

This software allows you to search and download any file that other people made available. Mp3 music, videos, programs, documents and all file types you can imagine, anything is possible find in Ares.

What is Ares

Ares: A simply fantastic tool

Considered by many as one of the best file-sharing programs on the Internet, Ares provides a quick search on a huge number of files.

Your file downloading system automatically searches the file in much more sources that the other programs, allowing download the same file simultaneously from different Ares programs worldwide.

What is Ares

You can create links to files to send to friends easily. When these links are selected, Ares automatically searches the appropriate file and begin your download. The program has a player that lets you preview audio and video files while they download and create playlists with videos and songs. All the most useful and interesting options.

What is Ares

Ares also has chat rooms and the user is able to create his own room. Through the control panel you can limit the maximum number and wide bandwidth (KB / s) used for downloads and uploads.

No doubt, Ares is one of the download platforms most important, flexible and fast in the world.

What is Ares

If you wish, you can download Ares completely free, by clicking on this link.