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Computer peripherals

In computing, the term applies to any peripheral or accessory equipment that is connected to the CPU (central processing unit). For example: printers, scanners, card readers and CD and DVD drives, audio cards, mouse, keyboard, external storage drivers, monitors and webcams are examples of peripherals.

From the first time that was listened to speak about calculators, to the reality of current supercomputers, the development and improvement of computer accessories increasingly evolves, as we can see in this article.

Computer Peripherals

Common input peripherals

Each peripheral has a well-defined role. Some of them perform tasks requested by the computer, such as the case of the printer, or allow us give orders to the computer to run a task, such as a mouse or keyboard, always according to the function for which they were designed.

Among the simplest peripherals we can cite the keyboard that allow sends to computer information entered by the operator, the mouse, that allows sending information by moving or the actions of buttons, and the printer, that receives information from the computer and print that information on paper.

Computer Peripherals

Others, a little more complex, such as the sound card, that receives information from the processor and sends it to the speakers, touch-sensitive systems, heat sensors, light sensors, modem, game controllers like joysticks, speakers, and a multitude of others devices.

There are three types of peripherals: The input peripherals, that send information to the computer, such as keyboard, mouse, microphone, the output peripherals, that transmit information from the computer to the user through the monitor, printer, speakers or headphones, and peripherals mixed, that send and receive information to and from the computer simultaneously, such as scanners, CD and DVD Drives and VoIP phones, among others.

Computer Peripherals

The main information input peripherals include: keyboard, mouse, CD and DVD drives, scanner, microphone, joystick, touch screen and stylus.

The main information output peripherals are: video monitor, recorder and CD player, speakers, laser or inkjet printer, motion sensors, temperature and virtual reality glasses.

The main data input and output peripheral are: modem, CD and DVD drives and hard disk.

Computer Peripherals

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