Electromagnetic waves from cellular and Wi-Fi equipment affect our health?

Electromagnetic waves provide us with services every day. Invisible and imperceptible, this waves let listen to the radio in the morning, watch TV in the afternoon, and communicate wherever we are, at any time. In short, they allow us to perform multiple actions that have already become everyday and necessary. However, electromagnetic waves generate many concerns.

In June 2008, twenty doctors and oncologists led by the popular David Servan-Schreiber, signed an appeal for vigilance on the use of cell phones. And attracted the interest of the Academy of Medicine, who believes that disturbing to the public opinion in this way “Tends to demagoguery, is not scientific research”.

Electromagnetic waves harm

Some months earlier, in early 2007, some employees from libraries of the City of Paris complained of frequent headaches, they attached to the Wi-Fi points installed in the library to allow visitors provided with a notebook connect to the Internet without wires. As a result of this protest, the City of Paris had to turn off the Wi-Fi service until further notice.

Meanwhile, for several years the mobile phone antennas regularly raise the concern of people living near them, for fear of damage to their health.

The waves harm the organism?

Cell phones and Wi-Fi devices increasingly more frequently are identified as hazardous. What is fear? That the electromagnetic fields of radio frequencies act the human body and interfere with its operation.

For its part, the scientific community shows quiet. It considers that there is no health risk attached to these teams. It has been tested only a single mechanism of interaction of RF with the human body, and is already known: it is used within microwave ovens. In the presence of an electromagnetic high frequency field, such the created by the radio frequency waves, the water molecules present in human tissue are shaken, collide and cause heat. The result: body temperature rises.

Electromagnetic waves harm

But our body is able to regulate the temperature to some extent. That is why defined an indicator: the specific absorption rate (CAS), which reflects the amount of energy absorbed per unit time and per unit mass and is expressed in watts per kilo (W / per kg). From experimental observations, it is set a reference level of 4 W per kg for the whole body. The effects considered undesirable, capable of generating behavioral disorders is given to a very high power, equivalent to a CAS 100 W / kg, i.e. burns.

Legal exposure limits have been calculated from the reference CAS. As a matter of safety, he divided it into 50 for the general public and 10 for workers. In the end, the CAS of a mobile phone and all radio communication device (a cell phone, for example), must be less than 0.08 W / kg for the whole body.

Pending further studies

The above detailed values ​​were proposed by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), and were adopted by the European Union in 1999.

There are other possible effects? A high power for a CAS on the order of 50 W / kg, and long exposures, we observed an incidence of waves in the occurrence of cancer, fertility problems, and a permeability of blood–brain barrier (which filters the blood that irrigates the brain). But so far this has not been shown due to be exposure levels lower than those recommended.

Electromagnetic waves harm

This is all they know current research. Long-term exposure to low-power field, such as a cell phone, can have dire health consequences? The most developed of the current studies is called “Interphone”, and is commanded by the World Health Organization and coordinated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which brings together the work of 13 countries.

Their goal: to determine whether the use of mobile phones increases the risk of cancer. To find out, compares the intensity of cell phone use on sick people and healthy people. There is talk of four types of tumors of the head and neck: glioma or brain cancer, acoustic neuroma affecting the auditory nerve, meningioma (a benign tumor) and the tumor of the parotid gland (one of three types of salivary glands)

However, the publication of such studies is postponed long. They argue reason: the possibility of producing a round-up effect in the statistics, which can yield contradictory results.

Intensive use: we must be heedful

For use less than ten years, there seems little likelihood a risk of cancer linked to cell phone. Beyond the ten years of intensive use, still we have very little information to assure. “The development of a tumor is very long, on the order of ten to fifteen”, remembers Francisco Boudin, director of the Health Foundation and radio frequencies. In the event that there are confirmed effects of strong amplitude, current studies have revealed quickly. If there are effects low amplitude, i.e. with a weak probability, we must be vigilant. “For now, do not worry too much”. “Ten years ago we investigate this issue, and so far we have not found a confirmed risk”.

Electromagnetic waves harm

This is reassuring because it indicates that if there is such a risk, “Is weak,” said the specialist. However, nor it can demonstrate that the risk does not exist.

It will increase after twenty or thirty years? This still we do not know. Must be performed new and lengthy studies to know for sure.

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